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Let Me Tell You!
Story and Narrative Development for Pre-School Children with a hearing loss

Presented on Tuesday, 2nd February 2016


Many children with hearing loss are now acquiring short phrases with relative ease; but what skills do they need to use spoken language to tell stories and narrative? Focusing on the pre-school years this course explored the foundations including: memory, theory of mind, social scripts, thought structures and language. Participants learned about a developmental assessment framework for monitoring progress in narrative development and considered the different types of language children need for storytelling.

Young children with cochlear implants are learning to listen and talk but what are their challenges and needs, and how do we manage them. This course provided information and practical strategies.

Target Audience

Teachers, classroom assistants, nursery nurses, speech & language therapists, educational psychologists, parents and all who support babies and young children with a hearing impairment.


Diana Harbor, Speech Therapist and Audiologist, The Ear Foundation, Nottingham


10.20 am Introductions and Overview

10.40 am The what, why and when of narrative

11.20 am Children with hearing loss - learning from research

11.45 am Ways of looking at narrative - part 1

1.30 pm Ways of looking at narrative - part 2

2.30 pm Resources

3 pm Case Studies and Goal Setting

3.30 pm Course Evaluations and Take home messages


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