University of Edinburgh

Early Diagnosis: Working with Families of Deaf Children

Wednesday 11 January 2006


The course focussed on the crucial early stage when parents make decisions on how they will communicate with their child; a decision that has massive implications for their child’s language development. The advent of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening has ensured that the issue of ‘informed choice’ for parents and carers is being re-examined.

Professor Alys Young has been a leading light in UK-wide research in this area, and started the day off by presenting some key findings and their implications for practice. The current Scottish context was represented by NDCS Scotland and by teams from Yorkhill Hospital UNHS Working Group and Highland Deaf Education Service.

The day provided a unique opportunity to examine the role of teachers of deaf children in this fundamental area of deaf education.

Professor Alys Young, University of Manchester;
Dr Juan Mora, Consultant Audiological Physician and
Kim Davidson-Kelly, Speech & Language Therapist, Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow;
Frances Dolan, West of Scotland Deaf Children’s Society;
Alan MacQueen, Family Support officer, NDCS Scotland;
Sheila McKay and Carol Moss, Teachers of the Deaf, Highland Deaf Education Service


  • 10.20 am Research Findings and implications for practice - Alys Young
  • 11.20 am Small group discussion

    11.45 am Yorkhill Newborn Hearing Screening Working Group -

  • Juan Mora
  • Kim Davidson-Kelly, Frances Dolan

    2 pm Newborn Hearing Screening in Highland Region - Sheila Mackay and Carole Moss

    2.45 pm Small group discussion

    3.15 pm Plenary

    3.30 pm Course evaluation and close