University of Edinburgh

Early Diagnosis: Working with Families of Deaf Children

Presented in January 2006

Juan Mora

1. Role in relation to families of children recently diagnosed as deaf:
Medical staff of UNHS team
Organisation/implementation of UNHS
Involved with the hearing impaired child and family from an early time
Medical contribution: History, Examination, Follow-up + provide information available, aetiological investigations, referrals, liaising role.

2. Ensuring parents are provided with informed choice regarding language and communication:
Through the work of our “Early Intervention Team”: unbiased information, according to family needs/circumstances and family requests, without pressurising the family but ensuring that all relevant information is eventually delivered.

3. Challenges:

  • Modernisation of Department
  • To ensure a high quality medical intervention
  • To ensure appropriate rehabilitation
  • High quality of diagnostic work (UNHS)
  • High quality of amplification
  • Audiological assessment of children with severe/profound neurodevelopmental delays.

4. Desired positive changes:

  • Successful implementation and running of UNHS
  • Widespread improvement of quality of work across Paediatric Audiology Departments
  • Smooth/Satisfactory transition from Paediatric to adult Audiology Services.