University of Edinburgh

Trouble-shooting Cochlear Implants Day-to-day Management, including FM Systems

Presented on 27 February 2008


This course provided hands-on experience with the entire range of processors available, including practical advice about their day-to-day management in the classroom. Using FM radio aid systems in conjunction with these speech processors was covered. All the major implant and FM system manufacturers were available and there were practical workshops throughout the day

This course has been developed by The Ear Foundation
Course code CWCI/TS

Presenters: Sue Archbold, The Ear Foundation, Nottingham
Mary Bell, Cochlear
Chris Durst, Medel
Richard Hughes, Advanced Bionics
John Popplestone, Connevans
Tony Murphy, Phonak UK
Liz Wood, Southampton Cochlear Implant Team


10.15 am Introduction and Welcome - Sue Archbold