University of Edinburgh

The British Sign Language Production Test



Dr Rosalind Herman is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist. She is currently senior lecturer in Language and Communication Science at City University, London and has a longstanding interest in sign language acquisition and assessment. 

The BSL Production Test was developed by Dr Herman and the Language and Deaf Studies research team at City University, London. The test measures production skills in BSL, based on an elicited narrative sample. The test is intended for use with deaf children who use, or are learning, BSL as a first language or who are bilingual in BSL and English, and also for hearing children who are using sign as their main means of communication, eg; children with learning disabilities.

This course will teach how to assess BSL Productive Skills and will be delivered over 2 two-day sessions. The course requires delegates to be proficient in BSL at CACDP Level 2 or above. 

Presenters:  Rosalind Herman and
Hilary Sutherland from the Language and Deaf Studies research team, City University, London