University of Edinburgh

Working with children with cochlear implants in sign bilingual settings

Presented on 17 January 2008


The aim of cochlear implantation is to provide sufficient hearing to develop spoken language. The challenge of achieving this in sign-bilingual settings was explored, and the role of Teachers of the Deaf and Speech and Language Therapists and Learning Support Workers supporting and monitoring the use of cochlear implants in these settings will be discussed. Facilitating and monitoring communication changes after implantation will also be covered

There will be the opportunity to explore in depth the day-to-day issues which face teachers, therapists and classroom support workers when children with implants are educated in sign bilingual settings. There will be opportunity to discuss case studies, ways of working collaboratively and hear the latest research in this area.
This course has been developed by The Ear Foundation
Course code CWCI/SB

Presenter: Sue Archbold, Ear Foundation
Eileen Burns, SSC


10.20 am Welcome and Introduction - Eileen Burns