University of Edinburgh

CACDP Level 3 Certificate in Modifying Written English Texts for Deaf People

Date: January - October 2009 (distance / online learning)


The aim of the Level 3 Certificate in Modifying Written English Texts for Deaf People is to enable teachers of deaf children or support workers to modify and/or present written English texts in a form which is accessible to deaf learners. The qualification examines why some deaf pupils need spoken and written English to be modified or presented in more appropriate ways. The course will discuss the implications of deafness for accessing spoken language, the use and limitations of speechreading, the use of writing to provide access to spoken language and the implications of using signed English, cued speech or other visual clues. The course is made up of two units:

L304 Accessible English for Deaf and Deafblind People
Knowledge and understanding of the English language and of the experiences of deaf and deafblind people in accessing spoken and written English; how deaf and deafblind people access spoken and written English; the features of English which are likely to present particular difficulty. (28 hours)

  • Course evaluation
  • T303 Modifying Written Texts
    Knowledge of English language modification; application of skills in modifying written text in the context of education in schools or colleges. This unit covers the theory and practice in modifying written texts. (28 hours)

  • Course evaluation

How you will study: You will need to set aside two hours a week over 28 weeks between January - October 2009. You will study for a total of 56 hours. You need to have access to a computer with broadband for at least one hour a week. The course will use WebCT as the virtual learning environment. This is a way of giving a group access to readings, tasks and video resources online. It also allows members of the course to interact about what you are learning. We will give you an induction into the use of WebCT - it is simple to use. Telephone tutorials, via video conferencing or face to face will be available.

How you will be assessed: There will be a homework task every two weeks to build up your skills. You will receive comments about your work. The units are assessed by a written exam which will be held at the Scottish Sensory Centre in October 2009.

Level of the course: This is at Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. It is level 3 on the CACDP framework which uses the UK Further Education levels.

Qualifications needed before entry: Higher Grade English C or above. Experience of working with deaf learners in an educational setting for at least two years.

Resources needed: Access to a computer with broadband.
For Unit L304: Purchase of 'How Language Works' by David Crystal, Corgi, £10.
For Unit T303: Purchase of Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, 5th Edition. £17.99

Target Audience: teachers of deaf children/tutors of deaf students/support workers.

*If you are interested in just taking L304 by itself, this option is also available priced £150. Please email the SSC for further information. L304 is a useful qualification for notetakers, deafblind communicator guides and trainee interpreters. Teachers of deaf children may also find it useful as a revision and updating module.

Presenter: Rachel O'Neill, SSC