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Working with Teenagers with Cochlear Implants

Presented on Wednesday 15 January 2009

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How will you use what you have learned today?

More work across the school on deaf children's awareness of their needs.
In my own practice and in-service training. Also will use web links suggested.
Lots to think about and take away. Great, lots of practical suggestions. Content brilliant - all questions I had/topics I wanted covered were.
Lots of practical ideas to use in classroom and tutorials as well as feel more up to date and confident with background information.
Put knowledge especially developing language skills/communication skills into practise in mainstream. Helped clarify a lot of issues these teenagers have to deal with. Pass all info onto colleagues.
Working with young deaf people designing sessions of programmes for them on issues, looking at their experiences, confidence etc. Gave me better understanding of information I can pass on to parents.
To support students with cochlear implants more appropriately.
Better understand child's needs.
Give families more info.
Useful information and discussions at the beginning of the course. Developing higher language skills; useful tips that I could use. Useful info in listening beyond school.
To ensure rest of the staff understand the needs. Now I know the areas where I need to find out more.
To enhance learning environment/experience of children with cochlear implants.
Devise presentation for in-service to mainstream staff in school.
Pass on to Learning Support department, and then use as INSET to school staff.
I will use it to support a CI pupil in secondary school.

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Focus on secondary pupils - so often courses are mainly focused on pre-school or primary. Good strategies and practical suggestions.
Meeting lots of interested professionals.
Very relevant.
Presenter was good - good speaker and clearly hugely knowledgeable about the area. Liked that lots of different topics were covered and that people were asked to contribute.
So relevant, useful and interesting.
Sharing info with others teaching in different areas of profession. Excellent presentations, very clear.
Really well delivered and easy to understand. Really good presenter and good involvement of the group.
Lots of useful information - especially about language development.
Info about CI advancements.
Topics covered.
The clarity of the information.
Listening through implant.
Technology and the Listening Environment section of the course - LOADS of content which will be extremely useful in day to day work with children. Looking forward to 'Personal Understanding of Deafness' course being issued.
Increased knowledge.
Interesting presenter. Thought-provoking.
Relevance to my job as teacher of the deaf in a mainstream school.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Afternoon break.
So much packed into one day - felt course could/should have been longer. Would have been good to be able to move around more.
More breaks! 2 and a half hour sessions aren't great for concentration levels. Even 5 minute toilet break just to re-focus. More time to network.
It was a bit heavy going to have one long presentation followed by another without a break. Would rather have a longer day with more breaks as felt a bit overloaded with info.
More about associated technology.
More group involvement. Felt it was aimed more at teaching staff but did enjoy morning more.
Everything was OK.
Opportunity to discuss ideas with other professionals to gain wider perspective.
More time for discussion in group.
Ran over time a little. Maybe less sitting listening and more interaction.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Would have loved to spend more time discussing.
Well delivered and enjoyable.
Really good!
Very good day.
Well organised day.
Discussions regarding cultural aspects and practical handling of items of technology required for CD players, TV etc.
Enjoyed the day and would come to other presentations by the speaker.
At last! A course for secondary teachers.

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SSC/CPD Leaflet, mailshot sent to school/college (12)
Head Teacher/CPD Co-ordinator/Line Manager (3)
SSC Website (1)
Email from SSC (1)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Any courses specific to secondary pupils would be good.
Offer acoustic training sheet, which was cancelled last year.
Working with parents of deaf young people.
Anything for secondary.

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