University of Edinburgh

Working with Teenagers with Cochlear Implants

Presented on Wednesday 15 January 2009


The day covered the following topics and discussions:


An Update on Cochlear Implantation

This presentation and discussion looked at

  • Changing audiological criteria for cochlear implantation and discussed current criteria and assessment
  • Considered changes in surgical techniques (including a video of process)
  • Listened to and discussed simulation of what a child with CI may hear
  • Considered growth of CI worldwide and data base this gives us
  • Impact of NHSP on age implantation in Flanders and implications for the UK
  • Impact of early implantation in terms of auditory perception and speech intelligibility
  • Reading levels and academic achievement of CI uses- better than HA users but not as good as hearing peers
  • Changing communication modes post implantation

Video of young person and changing communication journey

Supporting Young People at secondary School with CI

Group discussion to generate a list of specific issues for CI users followed by
Presentation about the method and findings of

Video of young person's views about implant, identity and implant use


Technology and the listening environment
Demonstration of Sounding Board and Sound field Tutorial – useful resources

Developing Higher Order Language Skills

  • Considered different types of support
  • Communication skills
  • Language skills  vocabulary, syntax, inference, tone of voice, idiom metaphor,
  • Listening skills
  • Conversation and conversation repair

Video of CI user using repair strategies

Listening Beyond School

  • Group discussions to identify specific listening and communication skills neede beyond school and how these have changed
  • Presentation of PUD one solution to addressing some of those needs