University of Edinburgh

Emotional Wellbeing Training Programme: Getting it right for deaf children and young people

Presented on Wednesday 13 January 2010

Session 3 - Support Mechanisms & Networks

  • To assist the young people in identifying an individual & group support structures which are important for creating good emotional health & wellbeing.
  • Young people need to understand the different levels of support and how various support agencies will work with the young person in finding a solution.

Notes: They identify what type of problems a young person might have and use the internet, telephone directory etc to plan a step by step support for the problem.
Always top of the 'problem solution' is to tell someone.

Support - the different & appropriate levels...

  • Depression or feeling down
  • What's serious & what's not
  • Using 'soaps' as examples - Hollyoaks
  • Using relevant resources
  • Confidentiality

Ideas for making transitions easier

  • Rota
  • Can be a class friend
  • Older person
  • Teacher
  • Youth leader
  • Boundaries, friendship.

Session 4 - Identity -Who am I ?

  • Exploring identity
  • Using family tree, creating a passport
  • Imagery
  • Labelling
  • What's normal?


  • 10 minutes exercise - write something on a piece of paper that's unique /different about you
  • Don't reveal, fold and place in bag
  • Once everyone has a piece of paper - you work around the room - asking questions relating to your statement

Me being me ... an effective exercise

  • Using magazines, newspapers explore how image is important;
  • Look at 'normal' - what does this mean?
  • What are our values & beliefs
  • What makes us different?

If we were all the same - what would our world be like?