University of Edinburgh

Emotional Wellbeing Training Programme: Getting it right for deaf children and young people

Presented on Wednesday 13 January 2010

Session 5 - Owning the deafness

  • To understand their own deafness & the wider implications it may have on their lives
  • To manage their deafness effectively, maximising benefit for themselves by predicating possible outcomes
  • To be comfortable explaining their deafness

Disadvantages & Advantages of being deaf

  • You as a influential adult - can encourage ydpc to feel positive about their deafness
  • What might ydpc see as disadvantages?
  • Turn the disadvantages into advantages

Empowering & Predicting situations

  • Giving young people time to predict what problems they may run into - empowers them to have a plan of action, and make choices that suits them.(p.54)
  • Role play gives a great idea of what not to do, & prepares valid statements about their deafness when in unfamiliar situations.

Notes: Positive management and 'engineering' opportunities for success for deaf children is a key factor in prevention and management of mental health and behavioural difficulties at home and school.

How will you empower?;

Group work

What are the strategies you are doing? or would like to do to ensure ydpc OWN their deafness?

Give examples...

Ownership of deafness

  1. I am deaf
  2. ...and that means...
  3. I need you to...

In conclusion

  • Communication tips
  • Owning the deafness
  • Understanding emotions
  • Predicting a situation & preparing

Session 6 - I'm ok being deaf?

  • Facing barriers, understanding every problem has a solution.
  • Identifying situations where we don't feel confident and having a plan.
  • B-B-A - humour, self awareness, who am I.
  • Support buddy
  • Happy thoughts

How we measure its impact on pupils?

  • Quiz
  • Lifestyle Rule Book
  • I like me because...

"I'm only 'normal' when I'm with my deaf friends, but when I'm with my 'normal' friends, I become deaf again"

Monitoring & tracking 
Professional Membership