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Mental Health and Deafness

Presented on 5 June 2008

Course Evaluation Summary

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Number of Respondents: 29

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?
I will bring it back to my colleagues for discussion and hopefully filter down to teachers/assistants/children and parents - improve quality of life for kids/increase awareness.
Reminded me that what I was doing was in right direction. Need to set up groups.
I’ll use it with one particular child but it will help with all the pupils I work with.
The course has helped me to recognise the signs of emotional problems and the reasons for these problems.
To facilitate improved interaction between not only deaf but also hearing child.
Practical activities with specific children.
Pass it on to other parents. Use it to deal with my own children.
Encouraged to continue working in this field - that I have a valuable and useful contribution.
I’ve been able to consider issues re social and emotional from a variety of perspectives.  The emotions curriculum powerpoint and footage showed really practical activities, which I can take back, and use.
Use practical strategies every day with the pupils. Like the idea of a strategies book.
Take it back to our families and professionals.
Share with colleagues at work. Also use some of the methods with my students.
Reflect and pass onto colleagues. Use in classroom and planning.
Will offer staff development and group work to schools I support.
I can incorporate some of the ideas on emotional strategies with individual children.
More effective communication with parent and teacher of the deaf.
Put into good use with deaf children.
Elements will be incorporated into everyday practice.
Will use this in work with families and parents.
Excellent presentations and information to relay to other team members.
Take it back to share with colleagues. Internalise it to use in my work as a peri teacher.
Will present to other teachers in my school and try to implement some of the ideas I’ve learnt today.
With groups of children to reinforce positive behaviour.
Try out some of the strategies.
In 1-1 situations with individual children in mainstream schools.
Will use positive reinforcement more often to help improve low self-esteem of pupils.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1 Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Very good workshops and great participation from audience.
Chance to think about issues - to hear directly from practitioners.
All of it.
The course provided an excellent insight into the emotional problems experienced by deaf children and how to recognise the problems. It provided strategies which can be employed in order to help the pupils to understand and overcome their problems.
Practical strategies (hands, face, body language etc) to recognise feelings.
Practical activities and ideas for anger management.
Lots of information well presented and very clear.
Good presenters with direct experience.
The practical activities on anger management were excellent and fun and I'll certainly take them away and use them in the classroom.
So many examples of how to work in the area of emotions.
Difficult to identify one particular part it was all very interesting.
Interactive presentation by Shanee was packed with lots of valuable insight.
Working in pairs and groups
Presentation - balance of discussion and input.
Knowledge and expertise of presenters, combination of teaching and psychology.
Practical ideas and a new perspective.
The ideas were simple commonsense and not costly to adapt to practice.
Group exercises.
All aspects were valuable - mix between presentation and workshops was good.
The modules and how to use learning with children.
Presenters sharing expertise and practical experience - which is real! Good discussions.
Presentation - data - info. Discussion in groups and feedback.
Meeting other people in the same situation as myself and sharing ideas and hopefully some solutions. Getting some great ideas.
Practical advice.
Information exchange and meeting the other participants.
Strategies for working with the children - could relate to some of the children I see and work with. Very informative.
The two speakers were excellent in their field and had several useful examples to demonstrate their work.
Anger management was interesting.
Strategies for individuals/classroom.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Would have found it very beneficial to have lecture notes. Would have appreciated more theory in the morning session but I do appreciate that the practical content is what teachers want and need.
Start was at a bit of a slow pace. More time needed on strategies.
The venue was a bit of a hike from Ayrshire/Glasgow.
More time!numbersnos of children, etc, Oakridge School use.
All very good.
Few illustrations/examples to take back to school.
It would have helped to have some written notes, 'understand the green issues' but we could have downloaded the presentation ourselves from the web.
Morning session opened with lots of facts and this part of day was a bit dry.
Nothing it was an excellent course.
Less time on us doing the activities.
Perhaps more, presented over more than one day.
Relating mental health issues to deaf children with no additional difficulties eg; Aspergers, Autism.
Break up the morning.
More information about signs to detect a mental disorder in young children and what is in place in Scotland to help these children.
First part of morning a bit slow.

Any other comments regarding the course?
Excellent course - I really enjoyed the activities and also the opportunity to meet so many lovely people.
Thank you SSC, for organising it. Thank you, Constanza and Shanee for sharing.
The start time could be changed to slightly later to access cheaper train fares (after 9.15 train cheaper).
Brilliant course - great to get practical activities to take away - and lovely to have anecdotal stories.
Really enjoyed listening to people who operate the 'chalk face'. Organisation and structure of the day was excellent!  Cost of training?
I really  enjoyed the course today, and leant some really useful tools for working with deaf children and their families.
Perhaps useful to discuss dividing line between normal/abnormal mental health issues and how to recognise them in hearing impaired children.
Excellent lunch and location, good timings 10-4, 1-hour lunch.
Missed break in the afternoon, felt I needed break in the pm.
Perhaps in a tree saving exercise, course notes could be available to download prior to day so can print off and write on at course. Difficult to keep up.
Good overall.
No, it was great!  Thank you.
Handouts of content which could be annotated - making notes takes away from listening - would be ideal.
Lunch was lovely.
Speakers informative. Practical suggestions.

Location and Venue

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Convenience of venue


Quality of venue


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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
An extension of today would be great!
Mental health is a very important topic. Some progression - more information - more help from professionals to recognise and help children with mental health disorders.
Deafness and complex needs.
Nothing specific to mind at the moment but I am happy at the courses you have been offering.
Other aspects of psychology in relation to deafness (not other difficulties eg; ADHD, Autism etc).
Further development of the same.
Sign language course above stage 2 for social work focus.
Mental health for adults.
Related topics - highlight issues around education of deaf children.
Carrying on 23rd June for Count Us In training and put myself on mailing list to get info about courses for next academic session and starting teacher of the deaf training next session.
Deaf awareness for parents of deaf children and for parents to understand the need for deaf children to have access to other deaf children.
BSL. Cochlear implants. Language development in deaf children.

Outcomes Assessment

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