University of Edinburgh

Enabling Young Deaf People to become Confident Individuals (Promoting Resilience)

Presented on Tuesday 4 June 2009


One of the main aims of the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence is to enable young people to become confident individuals. This one-day conference provided opportunities for professionals working with deaf young people to investigate ways in which they can be involved in promoting resilience in the young deaf people with whom they work. The idea for this course was inspired by the very successful 2007 NDCS Conference (creating resilient deaf children and resilient families) and provided an opportunity to learn from some of the main contributors of the NDCS conference within a Scottish context.

This course was organised in partnership with NDCS Scotland.

Target Audience: parents, and professionals working with young deaf people.

Presenters include: Caroline Doherty, National Deaf Children's Society
Professor Angus Skinner, Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing
Aicha Reid, Educational Psychology, West Lothian