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Enabling Young Deaf People to become Confident Individuals (Promoting Resilience)

Presented on Tuesday 4 June 2009

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How will you use what you have learned today?

What resilience is! What contributes towards resilience. Risk Factors.
Find out more about circles of resilience.
Augment programmes already in place and build on ideas to work with particular pupils.
Plan for child to promote resilience.
It will change my practice - by giving background knowledge.
Discuss information with my colleagues at work; and hope to use some of the ideas with our deaf students.
Will try to use it in my work with both pupils and particularly mainstream staff - emphasising the importance of mental wellbeing.
We will use action planning for the new S1 pupils coming in. We will use some of the ideas from Healthy Minds to 'debrief' our pupils following outings with the Deaf Tutor which focus on communication in the community.
To share with parents of deaf children I know and work with.
I will put personal and emotional development at top of my teaching agenda alongside academic subjects.
Take information back to colleagues and pass info to Heads of Service. Working with pupils.
I intend to develop a PSD programme to use with secondary age deaf pupils.
Some information about the literature on the area of resilience/promoting resilience. More specific information about resilience in deaf children. Practical information about 'Healthy Minds'.
Consider the circle of resilience in relation to the deaf pupils I work with.
It will benefit my older pupils.
Discuss with colleagues. Use some ideas/concepts with pupils.

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NDCS presentation. Making contacts.
Caroline Doherty - fantastic delivery, more please.
Enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters. (2)
Angus Skinner talk. Healthy Minds presentation. (2)
Everything was very interesting.
Afternoon session very interesting. Great speaker, so enthusiastic!
Can't pick out one - but it was all excellent: Caroline's enthusiasm; Angus' eloquence and Aicha's practicality.
An excellent introduction from Angus Skinner. Two wonderful, lively presentations from Aicha Reid and Caroline Doherty. A really cohesive, thought-provoking day.
I enjoyed it all.
Useful, relevant handouts.
Being able to work though 'Circles of Resistance' pack - this could be very useful for our pupils.
Variety of aspects around the topic including information about how to learn more in each area.
Practical resources to use with my pupils.
Presenters. Suggestions, activity. NDCS - Healthy Minds pack. Suggestions of websites.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Nothing - why can't they all be like this?
Reading info in advance by email?
Time element - always short on time.

Any other comments regarding the course?

I want more of this!
Good day - well thought out.
A very enjoyable workshop.
Just excellent!
Great day - feel inspired to improve practice.
Enjoyable - how to involve/target parents more, with your courses, as lots of this is of great importance to families.
All of the material would be applicable more generally - not just in the area of deafness.

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SSC Courses Brochure. (13)
Course Leaflet Mailshot. (3)
Co-ordinator/Line Manager. (1)
SSC Newsletter. (1)
Colleague. (2)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Cochlear Implant - adult experience - young child/adults fitted with.
Supporting deaf children in the classroom where minimal support allowed through budget cuts.
More on Mental Health.
Language modification for secondary deaf pupils - I missed this.
Further sessions in this area because of the isolation children with hearing loss now experience. Would like to attend January training on Healthy Minds.

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your professional and personal attributes