University of Edinburgh

Introduction to Cochlear Implants

Presented on Tuesday, 2nd June, 2015


This course looked at the ear and hearing, how hearing loss is evaluated and the connection between the hearing brain and spoken language development. Agnes then provided the participants with a better understanding of the assessments used to decide if a cochlear implant would be given and what happens after the decision has been made. The course continued with participants being taken through what happens when someone is given a cochlear implant and how the technology works. Agnes explained the rehabilitation that follows the operation.

The impact of attending this course will be that participants will have a clearer understanding of cochlear implants and how they work and a better understanding of the journey to implants for children and their parents, enabling participants to be more able to support these families.

"This information will allow me to better support families on their journey to implants, especially in counselling parents. It will also inform and enhance my input following implantation."

"Highly knowledgeable presenter. Videos were very useful and emotional. Such an amazing thing!! Feeling very motivated and informed now."

Target Audience

Teachers of deaf children, mainstream teachers, speech & language therapists, support staff and parents.


Agnes Allen, Cochlear Implant Team, Crosshouse