The Journal Club 'Deaf children and young people'

Held on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021


This Journal Club will meet once or twice a term. Each session will have two leaders who will facilitate the discussions in the main room and break out groups. Reading articles will either be articles in Deafness & Education International or otherwise open access. The paper we appraised in our first Zoom meeting is below. All attendees were required to read the article in advance at least twice and write down questions they were interested in following up. Participants found it useful to have these prompt questions.

Ahmad, A C, & Brown, P M (2016). Facilitative Communication Strategies of Hearing Mothers with their Children who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. Deafness & Education International, 18(2), 58-66. doi:10.1080/14643154.2016.1162385


Target Audience

The Journal Club is aimed at deaf and hearing professionals who are interested in deafness, with education and early years the primary focus. You will be based in the UK or the Republic of Ireland. You may be a Masters or PhD student, or a professional with a postgraduate qualification, working with deaf children or a research student in a related field interested in further study. Your interests might be deaf education, deaf children, speech and language therapy, audiology, and/or Deaf Studies.


Martina Curtin is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working with deaf children and their families in Hackney, London. She is currently funded by the National Institute of Health Research to do a Clinical Doctorate Research Fellowship. Martina's aim is to create a tool called the EPID: Early Parent Interaction in Deafness. She's just recently completed a Systematic Review of 60 research papers in Early Parent-Child Interaction.

Rachel O'Neill is a senior lecturer in deaf education at the School of Education and Sport in the University of Edinburgh. She leads the deaf education pathway which qualifies teachers to work with deaf children. Her recent research is about deaf young people moving from school to adulthood; the experiences of families on a low income raising deaf children; the effects of the BSL (Scotland) Act on deaf education; and online reading of deaf and hearing teenagers. Rachel works closely with the Scottish Sensory Centre where she has been involved with the BSL Glossary project since its inception in 2007. Rachel co-edits the journal Deafness & Education International.

Future sessions

Themes will be guided by the leaders for those sessions. We will draw leaders from recent PhD graduates and PhD students studying in these areas as well as advanced practitioners.

Interested in being a leader?

Have you completed and currently undertaking a deaf education specific topic and keen to lead a session? Please do contact Rachel for an informal discussion: