University of Edinburgh

Informed Choice from Theory into Practice

Presented on Tuesday 2 March 2010


'Informed Choice' means that families can make knowledgeable decisions, which reflect their own culture, values and views.  It is based on access to comprehensive, unbiased and evidence-based information, about the full range of options.

Informed Choice can be a challenging concept for both professional and voluntary service providers and for families themselves. This interactive course looked at both theory and practice in relation to Informed Choice and focused on:

  • Understanding and experiencing the 15 underpinning issues of Informed Choice
  • Examining barriers and drivers to implementing Informed Choice at all levels
  • Considering implications for personal professional practice and service delivery
  • What does an Informed Choice service look like and feel like to families?
  • Helping to develop an Informed Choice action plan

Target Audience: Teachers, Parents and all those involved in the lives of young deaf children.

Presenters: Gwen Carr, Director, Early Intervention Studies and Deputy Group Director, University of Manchester
Mary Kean, Informed Choice Training Team, University of Manchester
Carole Torrance, CPD Organiser for Deaf Education, Scottish Sensory Centre, Edinburgh