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SSC Course 9: Early Years Focus in Deaf Education

Presented on Friday 9 November 2012

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Enhancement to your expertise



Content and supplementary material



How will you use what you have learned today?

In daily practice and to pass information on to colleagues: in planning/training sessions with mainstream staff.
Discuss with colleagues and Educational Audiologist. (2)
Gives me more tools and knowledge when returning to schools to push technology.
Be able to discuss more options for equipment for student to use. Help mainstream teachers understand the various pieces of technology.
Soundfield trials.
Take the information back to school/PT to discuss future options in using the systems. (2)
Informed my understanding of equipment available.
Be able to offer schools information about Soundfield systems.
Have recently attended a different course re Soundfield but feel I now know there are other options available.
Have attended similar training with an educational audiologist and company representative but this course added to my knowledge of options available and current developments.
Recommend Soundfield in one situation.
Will be more aware of products available.
Be more observant about acoustic environment.
Hopefully to use current equipment more effectively and to give advice to Senior Management Team and Local Authority re Soundfield systems.
All presentations relevant to our school as we are currently evaluating our acoustic environment and looking for ways to improve it.
As a school we are evaluating our listening environment throughout the school. I will use NDCS Acoustic Toolkit and points from presentations to support this.
To re-evaluate equipment currently used to allow future planning.
Practical info provided for use with equipment in schools - very helpful.
Help planning for future purchase of equipment suitable for child's needs.
Not sure as not a lot of money just now. Will use toolkit.
Expanded my knowledge of Soundfield systems.
Re-look at the NDCS toolkit. Use survey materials.
We have 'Lightspeed' soundfields and were told we couldn't join it to FM system - we will be sorting that one!
Build upon what I already know.
To raise awareness in schools: 1. to consider installing Soundfield; and 2. to promote benefits.
Lots of food for thought. Will go back and discuss with those who control our budget.
Good information to take back to school.
Discussion regarding acoustics/acoustic treatment options with headteachers when considering suitable rooms for HI pupils. More factual/evidence based information to illustrate pupil needs. Soundfield/FM systems - useful to know what is out there.
Take the idea of Soundfield systems to mainstream schools and teachers I know who would benefit.
Take information back to schools.
Add to my knowledge of audiology.
In explaining/recommending systems in schools.
I will be more aware of the equipment out there when working with other professionals.
Will try a pilot for 2 pupils in Argyll.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Information about range of equipment. Also, as always, the chance to network.
Meeting other Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) from other areas: 'hands-on' session with new technology.
Getting to speak directly to presenters.
Discussing NDCS Acoustic Toolkit and initial explanation of the benefit of Soundfield systems.
All good presenters and information.
Hands-on opportunities.
Very informative. Each presenter was interesting and knew a lot about their product. (2)
Finding out more about various systems.
Chance to see the equipment discussed. Practical base.
Noise in first part - good learning experience!
Updating/refreshing knowledge of equipment.
All information has been good.
All presentations were valuable. Hands-on session and opportunity to ask questions to presenters.
Presentation of 3 systems: food for comparisons, considering practical use in own settings.
Learning about new technology available and alternatives to our current equipment.
Opportunity to network with colleagues from other Authorities.
Update of info, very relevant in day-to-day working with children.
Networking with other ToDs and updating on available Soundfield systems.
Practical useful info.
Acoustic toolkit. (3)
1. Speakers were excellent, knowledgeable. 2. Meeting and chatting to others.
Details about reverberation/breakdown of classroom uses.
Organisation and materials (info).
Speaking to presenters re the equipment. Up-to-date info on the latest technology.
A good refresher/being brought up-to-date about latest equipment.
Questions asked. Able to see the hardware.
Presentations and meeting other professionals.
As usual, chatting with other ToDs but time also with technology specialists also very useful

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

A bit more time spent on acoustics and a bit less selling!
The first room - noise & cold! But thank goodness we moved. More prices - accurate listings.
A lot of repetition. (2)
More neutral-professional rather than salesmen.
Lack of drilling noise, which was eventually sorted by moving room.
More variety of products. (2)
I felt the afternoon session was too repetitive.
Shame about first room, although apart from the noise, the acoustics were appalling. Second room much better acoustically. PC Werth info: too much to take in, in a short time. Would have been better longer.
Better acoustics initially. Phonak to attend.
Noise levels in surrounding area but happy it was remedied by moving rooms. Acoustics in big hall not great despite noise.
The initial hall was a very poor choice of venue. Building work, drilling etc made it very difficult to hear Richard's presentation.
An earlier start/shorter lunch/less sales focus more education input. However, a good event, thanks.
Less duplication. General talk on acoustics etc then sales pitches.
Lack of background noise, better variety of professionals.
Some DVD training to take back to Authority managers.

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SSC Website. (10)
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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services) for deaf children/young people.
Anything related to Secondary deaf education.
More technology - hearing aid and radio aids.
Assessment (relevant to pupils with hearing loss).
Approaches to literacy and numeracy.
Audiology updates.
Research finding.
Workshops on specific equipment brought by ourselves.
Early Years: Language development in young deaf children (0-5).
Early Years: Spoken Language & BSL.
Using 'toaster' (USB FM programming kit & software) and (hearing aid) 'test box'.
Audiological training on use of 'toasters' and 'test box'.
Curriculum for Excellence.
Am just about to embark on Teacher of Deaf Diploma so there's lots I need to know!
Overview of other conditions which have hearing loss ie cerebral palsy, CMV (Cytomegalovirus) etc (like the Ear Foundation).
Supporting deaf children in a mainstream school.
More AVT training please.
A practice session on Assessment of Comprehension and Expression (ACE) marking.