University of Edinburgh

Audiology workshop

Presented on Wednesday 13 March, 2013

Soundfield Systems

Richard Vaughan, Customer Support Manager Connevans Ltd

Practical solutions in the classroom - the latest technology and how to make the most of it!

Enhance the Listening Experience


Benefits the Teacher

classroom classroom

Benefits the pupil


What is soundfield?

  • A Soundfield is an amplification system which provides an even spread of sound around the room.
  • A typical 'soundfield' consists of a microphone worn by the teacher, a wall-mounted amplifier and wall-mounted speakers around the classroom.

Classroom without soundfield system installed

  • Teacher raises their voice level attempting to be heard at back of class, risking voice strain.
  • Clarity deteriorates over distance resulting in pupils at the back of class not hearing as well as those at the front. Pupils may lose concentration.


no soundfield

Classroom with soundfield system installed

  • Teacher speaks at normal voice level, avoiding voice strain.
  • Soundfield amplification means that all pupils hear at the same level wherever seated in the classroom, maintaining interest and attention of the pupils and providing a better learning environment.

with soundfield

What is soundfield? Clarity, not volume.

Two channel receivers: A second transmitter may be added for pupil participation or teaching assistant.

Infra-red technology

  • No radio licensing required
  • No interference with radio aids
  • Any number of IR systems may be used on a site

Transmitter types: pendand microphone; hand-held microphone.

Integration with existing multimedia.

Connecting to radio aids

"Most deaf children who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants continue to need the superior S/N ratio provided by personal FM systems"
(Crandell et al, 2004).