University of Edinburgh

Children with Cochlear Implants/Hearing Aids: Slow to progress

Presented on Tuesday, 17th March 2015


Although the outcomes in terms of speech perception, production and spoken language development have surpassed expectations, there are significant numbers of children who do not do as well as expected. This day considered possible causes of slow progress and ways of monitoring and assessing. The course considered how children with cochlear implants/hearing aids can be supported to reach their potential listening through the use of practical strategies and functional goals. Learning Outcomes:

  • Know from research, the expected rate of progress.
  • Identify useful tools for assessment and monitoring of progress.
  • Recognise causes of slow progress, what you can and can't change.
  • Generate practical strategies for working with these children.
  • Apply learning to children you support.

This course looked briefly at the expected progress of children with a hearing loss and some assessments that can be used to monitor this progress. An overview on the factors which could affect the progress of children of children with a hearing loss was given with guidance on how to identify and support pupils slow to progress. In the afternoon there was an opportunity to look at case studies and discuss strategies and practical solutions. Suzanne provided attendees with links to useful websites and tools which they can use with pupils and use to undertake further research. The majority of attendees felt that they now had more information on strategies to help identify and support pupils slow to progress and had been given a variety of online resources and websites to help support them and further their knowledge.

Target Audience

Teachers of the Deaf, Speech & Language Therapists, Audiologists and all professionals working with children with cochlear implants/hearing aids.


Suzanne Harrigan, Specialist SLT, The Ear Foundation.


10.30 am Baby brain development & access to sound

11.15 am Typical Development

11.30 am Sound to words

3.15 pm Take home messages

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