University of Edinburgh

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Deafness

Date: Friday 9th March, 2018 - Postponed
Venue: SSC, Edinburgh
Time: 10 am - 4 pm
Fee: £110

NOTE - closing date for course is 16th February 2018


CMV, or Cytomegalovirus, is a common virus that can infect people of all ages. CMV can pose serious risks to unborn babies. It is one of the leading causes of hearing loss in children and one of the main causes of childhood disability.

This one-day course will focus on Cytomegalovirus and its impact on children and families, and include:

  • CMV from a medical perspective.
  • Impact on hearing.
  • Parental experience of CMV.
  • Educational Support.
  • Case Studies.
  • Question and answer session.

Target Audience

Teachers of the deaf, speech and language therapists, parents, all other professionals supporting deaf pupils.


Dr Jackie Salter, University of Leeds; Natalie Battle, CMV Action plus a medical professional (to be confirmed).