University of Edinburgh

Cochlear Implant Update Day

Presented on Thursday, 12 May 2011


Cochlear implants are no longer new to teachers. In the last 25 years cochlear implants have developed and changed and it is time to update your knowledge and understanding of what is on offer to families and how the family and child are supported.

The day included:

  • Overview of cochlear implants in Scotland and beyond.
  • Bi-Lateral implants - sequential or simultaneous issues and support.
  • Radio aids and cochlear implants.
  • Rehabilitation techniques
  • Hands-on sessions with the latest cochlear implant devices from Advanced Bionics, Cochlear and Medel.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents and all professionals that work with deaf children and young people.

Presenters: Carole Torrance, CPD Co-ordinator for Deaf Education, Scottish Sensory Centre
Members of the Scottish Cochlear Implant Centre Team: Agnes Allen, Arlene O’Malley, Susan Johnston, Jane Gallacher