Hearing Aid Test Boxes in Deaf Education

Presented on Thursday, 16th May 2024


Hearing aid test boxes have long been considered an essential tool for teachers working with deaf children – but why do we use them, what benefits can they bring and how can we get the most out of them?

This practical session explored the role test box measures can play in supporting deaf children and gave an overview of their features and the way they are used.

Participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences. Significant time was allowed for hands-on experience with a variety of test boxes and a range of hearing instruments and wireless systems. All necessary equipment was provided but participants were invited to bring along their own test box, should they have one.

Target Audience

Qualified and trainee Teachers of Deaf children and young people, Audiologists, Support Staff.


James Mander, Audiologist, Ewing Foundation
Joe O'Donnell, Educational Audiologist and founder of Hearing2Learn Ltd
Richard Vaughan, Customer Support Manager, Connevans Limited