University of Edinburgh

Language and Accessibility Issues in Curriculum and Assessment plus workshops in Art & Design, Modern Languages, Environmental Studies

Presented on Wednesday 9 November 2005


The morning focused on:

(a) modifying the written language of curriculum resources;
(b) current SQA issues in assessment for deaf candidates (signing and non-signing).


  • recent changes in SQA assessment procedures; signing examinations, practical implications;
  • quality assurance procedures (filmed responses and transcripts) and support requirements for Teachers of the Deaf (ToD).

Afternoon subject workshops focused on:

Art & Design: A look at preparing deaf pupils for the written paper at Intermediate 2 and Higher. Questions and responses can now be signed on to video.

French: Should deaf children be withdrawn or discouraged from learning modern languages?

Environmental Studies (Social subjects): How do we adapt resources to be deaf friendly in language based subjects? Do we always have to re-invent the wheel or can existing SQA resources be usefully adapted? A look at how one practitioner has successfully presented at SQA Intermediate 1 & 2 levels and an examination of the resources and strategies used to achieve this success.

Patricia McDonald, National Qualifications Product Development, SQA
Marian Grimes, BATOD/NATED -accredited exam language modifier
Jan Waugh, Donaldson’s College for the Deaf, Edinburgh
Angela Brown, Sensory Service, Moray Council
Hilary McColl, former French teacher, now Consultant in MFL for pupils with ASN
Melissa Millan, St Vincent’s School for the Deaf, Glasgow
Morag Stenhouse, Sensory Support Service, East Dunbartonshire
Mary Dowell, SSC, University of Edinburgh/St Vincent’s School for the Deaf, Glasgow


10.20 am Introduction