University of Edinburgh

Language and Accessibility Issues in Curriculum and Assessment plus workshops in Art & Design, Modern Languages, Environmental Studies

Presented in November 2005

Course evaluation summary

Number of Participants: 17 Number of Respondents: 15

Overall Assessment:
How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5

  • Enhancement to your expertise 1.67
  • Content and supplementary material 1.4

How will you use what you have learned today?

  • It has been very useful to hear Patricia McDonald perspective from the SQA - I will take this back to work colleagues.
  • Practical use in classroom and reinforcement of exam arrangements with SQA co-ordinator in school.
  • Improve the support I can offer to pupils. Impart knowledge to colleagues.
  • Access materials from colleagues who are ‘experts’.
  • Talk to SQA co-ordinator - update. Follow advice of SQA in preparation of assessment.
  • Discuss with staff - specialist teachers of deaf and mainstream.
  • Practical tips to use in teaching.
  • Will keep info for use when necessary - copy and circulate to other staff (ToDs and mainstream).
  • Disseminate to colleagues. Adapt resources and access resources highlighted.
  • Back at work when taking children through their secondary course and exams.
  • Exam requirements, worksheets.
  • Encouraging Scottish CILT and LTS in production of materials for deaf learners.
  • Alter practice in the school.
  • Looking more carefully at the language of course materials and adapting.

How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5

  • Clarity of presentation 1.27
  • Pacing of course/event 1.4

What was best about the course/event?

  • Meeting other colleagues who are working with the deaf and sharing experiences.
  • Sharing of ideas/thoughts/resources with other Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs). Teachers are always being encouraged to self-evaluate and it’s something ToDs do all the time - part of the excitement of the job.
  • Meeting other teachers in a similar situation and being able to clarify specific points/worries, etc.
  • Overview from SQA perspective. Practical relevance for teaching.
  • Networking. Learning about items that are new, being researched.
  • Looking at materials appropriate and which required to be adapted.
  • As ever - hearing the experiences of other professionals from other areas.
  • Modern Language workshop.
  • Appropriate speakers who kept to the topic. Very relevant. Excellent venue, comfortable and central.
  • Finding out about modification and how new courses are being modified.
    SQA discussion. Practical examples, eg, implications signing examinations.
    All good.
  • Has made me re-evaluate access to foreign languages for deaf pupils.
  • The fact that others struggle with the same problems! Opportunity to talk and share experiences.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

  • If possible to attend more than 1 workshop as I support pupils in a variety of subjects.
  • Opportunity to attend more workshops.
  • More time!!!! Would like to have heard more.
  • More time for above.
  • Actual video of a signed exam (part of, or extract from). Resources from pupils who have participated in SQA exams.
  • Nothing except more time so we could go to all workshops.
  • Discussion groups. More discussion on additional exam arrangements for pupils accessing through English.

Any other comments regarding the course?

  • It’s just super to meet up with other Teachers of the Deaf!
  • Many thanks for the organisation!
  • Useful if courses were offered in other centres (towns).
  • Well organised, well timed, appropriate information which can be used in the future.
  • Good presentations.
  • Good mix of professionals.
  • Not long enough!
  • More time to look at language materials.

Convenient location for this course: No Response - 2 Yes - 13 No - 0


  • Convenience of venue 1.8
  • Quality of venue 1.4

Likely to attend if venue was used again: No Response - 4 Likely - 11 Less Likely - 0

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

  • Same kind of thing in all secondary subjects (possible??)
  • More resources.
  • More on language adaptation/extension.
  • Courses for classroom assistants/auxiliaries. ASN Act.
  • More resources.
  • Translation - translating signed responses. Core vocabulary for subjects (signing). Filming exams - preparation, equipment.
  • IT for auxiliaries.
  • Continue with range of courses advertised.
  • British Sign Language Courses.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:


  • your professional values and personal commitment 1.13
  • your professional knowledge and understanding 1.2
  • your professional and personal attributes 1.2