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Early Diagnosis: Supporting Parents to Support their Child

Presented on Thursday 9 November 2006

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Content and supplementary material



How will you use what you have learned today?

In the future we will use the pack.
Inform practice working with families of newly diagnosed babies and children.
Lots of ideas and things to think about in how our PreSCAT works. Also lots of materials to help with a group for parents we are setting up.
Continue working with support pack. Follow through some of the references.
Help me to help parents navigate the Early Support Pack.
Use in my team meeting to share knowledge/references with staff. Put into practice ideas regarding Monitoring Protocol.
Follow up some of the references, especially the Early Support Materials. Discuss with colleagues the implications for our Service.
It confirmed that we already have a good knowledge base, since we're already using the materials. However, it's always useful to reflect on current practice.
To contribute to the diploma training course for teachers of deaf children.
I am already involved and very familiar with Early Support material, but will use the attitudes to approaches [ie be more aware] and some extra ideas useful.
Get on to website to order up Early Support material. Use information to reorganise family record sheets.
Use to inform staff in own area. A view to introducing monitoring protocol. As support in establishing early support team.
Improve my support to families I am involved with.
Give more confidence in using monitoring protocols.
Try to get materials for reference/use.
To support parents more efficiently.
Enhance my work with children.
Use the materials with deaf babies and families in more depth.
Gives more insight to the work done within education.
I am looking forward to taking information back to my area to consider the services we currently provide.

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Clarity of presentation



Pacing of course/event



What was best about the course/event?

The morning course - things that might happen in future.
Morning presentation (6)
The ideas and things to think about. Perfect timing for us.
Mary Kean - Excellent speaker. Good clear presentation.
Information on early language development. Information regarding Fife early support team.
Practical elements of supporting parents - good advice.
Enjoyed all!
The practical nature of the information and materials discussed. The relevance of the information to current developments.
Hearing from the Fife service to see how the team was set up.
To hear different approaches to Early Years and the Early Years Programme [from the "horse's" mouth].
Morning presentation was very clear and straightforward - extremely informative.  Latter half of the afternoon more useful.
Morning session was excellent - fantastic presentation and supplementary notes.
New approach to early support and clearly defined.
How Fife support their families and their flowchart.
The morning session was clear and well paced.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

More time to look at examples of support pack and how they have been used and results.
More time!
There was a lot of talking but I don't see how much information could have been delivered in another way.
Parental views of the Early Support Material/Early Diagnosis. Sharing ideas between professionals of how they're using the Early Support Materials. More video analysis.
The viewpoint of more parents.
More video analysis and maybe a discussion time between groups.
More time/clearer intention of video clip.
Chance of workshop looking at one aspect of the protocol.
Pace - trying, perhaps, to include too much.
Unfortunate about the video at the end.
More video analysis and practical ideas.
Video earlier afternoon session bit dry but interesting comparing resources access.
More about the actual practice in Fife rather than how the service was set up.

Any other comments regarding the course?

Interesting to hear about 0-24 months practice in Fife.
Great presentation.
Very useful course. Great presenters with relevant and worthwhile experience.
A similar course 18 months down the line with parents’ reaction of Pack.
The presenters were very approachable.
A very useful course.
Excellent day. Maybe Speech & Language Therapist involvement next time!
Generally, balanced, informative day, thank you.
Needs follow up. Is there to be a working group to look at making some of the very English materials more Scottish?
This is one of the most interesting courses SSC have organised!
A pack to take away would have been good.
Are there any further courses?
Well worth attending.
Thank you - I enjoyed the day.

Location and Venue
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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

Courses on helping parents with babies.
Teaching English as a foreign language training to teachers of English in bilingual setting.
Working with early implanted children - practical ideas - since we now have a different population.
Use of early sign language with deaf children of hearing parents and deaf children of signing deaf parents with evidence from research.
Early assessment.
Working with 0-2. Working with families. Both - practical approach.
Further work on working with babies.
More of the same - I'm a slow learner. More opportunities for meetings/discussions with colleagues from other areas rather than the "lecture" style model.
Information on post-cochlear implantation.
Social Workers need to do training to be registered, so we would like to take part in training that is less focussed on teaching and more about, eg, conditions that cause deafness, audiograms, etc.

Outcomes Assessment
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your professional values and personal commitment



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your professional and personal attributes



This involves extending knowledge and the development of professional and personal skills in working with babies and with families in situations not usual for teachers.