University of Edinburgh

Developing Writing Programmes for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Learners: What Really Matters?

Presented on Thursday 29 November 2007


Dr Connie Mayer has almost thirty years of experience in the field of Deaf Education as a teacher, consultant, administrator, and researcher. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at York University in Toronto where she teaches in the Graduate Program, and in the Deaf Education - Teacher Preparation Program. She has written numerous journal articles and book chapters, and has recently completed a project with the Ministry of Education in New Zealand on assessing the writing of deaf children.  More recently Dr Mayer contributed to the SSC’s Conference in Dunblane, March 2006: “Language and Deaf Education: Into the 21st Century”.

This workshop focussed on what is fundamental for designing and implementing an effective writing programme for deaf pupils. The following topics were specifically addressed:

  • necessary foundational understandings about the uses of text, and the rudiments of how an alphabetic writing works
  • relationships between face to face language (spoken and/or signed) and print
  • strategies for composition
  • issues of assessment.

Presenter:  Dr Connie Mayer, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto


10.20 am Introduction - Eileen Burns