University of Edinburgh

Developing Writing Programmes for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Learners: What Really Matters?

Presented on Thursday 29 November 2007

Analysis of Written Text

DRAFT – please do not copy without permission

Connie Mayer, EdD
York University, Toronto

Student Name:
Age: Class: Date

Overall Impressions

Comments (eg; appropriateness, originality):



Prompt, motivation (eg; nature of prompt, story starter):



References, supports provided (eg; vocabulary lists, dictionaries):



Layout and Organization (eg; margins, pagination, paragraphing, legibility, letter formation, illustrations):



Clarity (eg; can the text be easily understood by the reader? If not, explain why):



Overall Comments



Overall Meaning


box First person

box Third person


box description
box opinion
box direction
box explanation
box argument

Setting (time, place, and brief description)

Characters (names and brief description)

Context (background details – information to help reader)

Narrative Structure (check all that apply)

box Random or illogical sequence
box Temporal Sequence
box Cause-effect relationships
box Relationships made between events and characters
box Plot Development
box Motivations of characters clear

Expository Structure (check all that apply)

box Illogical / incomplete
box Stays on topic
box Supporting detail/evidence provided
box Reasoned discussion

Overall Comments: