University of Edinburgh

Working with children with Cytomegalovirus, Auditory Neuropath Spectrum Disorders or Autistic Spectrum disorders

Presented on Monday 2 November 2009


It is important that professionals working with deaf children have some understanding of the causes to allow them to meet the varied needs of their client base. Approximately 40% of deaf children have additional needs and this day aims to look at three different areas that are increasingly being linked with deaf children:

  • Cytomegalovirus CMV
  • Autistic Spectrum disorder ASD
  • Auditory Neuropathy AN

The day will provide a basic introduction to each, a discussion about some of the potential issues each of these diagnoses may bring and some practical suggestions for working with these children.

Target Audience: Target Audience: Teachers of the Deaf, Parents and all those involved in the education of deaf young people.

Presenters: Carole Torrance, CPD Organiser, Deaf Education, Scottish Sensory Centre, Edinburgh
Jackie Salter, The Ear Foundation, Nottingham