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The Transition Processes for Young Deaf People

Presented on Wednesday 11 November 2009

Course evaluation summary

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How will you use what you have learned today?
Now more aware of what is available to school leavers and can pass that info onto them.
Discussion with parents, pupils, staff members and own daughter.
Very useful to know about RNID support and where funding comes from (Rachel's presentation).
Useful info to pass on to parents.
(1) Very useful info from Rachel O’Neill re college support. (2) Support from RNID re employment preparation.
Have more information to give young deaf people approaching transition.
Apply information to setting up future transition clinic.
To inform future practice in my Authority.
Take back to discuss with Support Teacher members.
To improve transition processes for our pupils.
Discuss with colleagues and use with pupils.
To continue planning for the transition of a young person with a cochlear implant.
Thinking about how I can support children better through the transition stages.
Really useful and interesting day. Lots to think about at all different levels of transition.
Share information with colleagues.
To make new contacts and understand what transition support is available for young people and families.
Increased general knowledge and understanding of the topic - interesting range of speakers from different backgrounds - covered lots of aspects of transition.
Within the Service we provide to users and their families.

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What was best about the course/event?
Very clear and informative.
Rache's presentation, relevant and useful information. (2)
Variety of speakers - good quality speakers. Examples of good practice.
Rache's presentation was very informative - will definitely use this information with pupils.
Presentation from Donaldson's very good.
Information about more help available for deaf students at college. Excellent presentation from Rachel O'Neill.
Mix of speakers and contents of presentations.
I liked different aspects of all parts of the course.
Hearing what is happening in other regions.
Every speaker gave interesting and valuable information.
The whole day was full of relevant information. Well presented.
Presentation from audiologist was very informative.
Found the input from Marion Reid of great interest. Learnt a lot from the input on FE/HE Funding. The information about Donaldson's Project was great. Always good to network too.
Good info and range of info - Education and Audiology. Excellent networking opportunity.
Variety of speakers. Although some of the sessions were a bit long - just needs the format broken up a wee bit. Maybe max length of session, 1 hour.
Finding out about what other areas of Scotland are doing and involved in - networking too!

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
First presentation rather long.
Presentation by Marion Reid was a challenge, too long and entirely read off PowerPoint, pace very slow.
Possibly some more interaction and less 'death by PowerPoint'.
Would like to see examples of pictorial planning in practice in Fife.
I would have preferred at some point to hear about what other authorities did practically to support children through transition. It was too late and too tiring to do it at the end of the day. It would also have been useful to see copies of the pictorial planning done in Fife.
Nothing - it has all been good.
Handouts from Rachel O'Neill and Audiology. More time to discuss where participants are in their own practice and talk about what they are doing.
Would be good to have a session to discuss what has been included by the speakers in relation to participants' experiences in their own areas (although there was some informal opportunity to do this over lunch).
Further breaks - sitting too long!

Any other comments regarding the course?
Enjoyed the day but wonder if what was talked about happens in reality or if it is 'hit and miss' and depends on where you stay.
Concerns about losing Educational Audiologist and the links they have in helping with transition processes.
Thank you.
Really useful information - much to think about and use with my pupils.
More time for discussion groups and less being talked at  Perhaps an intro at start for participants to say who they are and why they are attending the training.
Opportunity for discussion with other participants. [Lunch break] was a good length of time (about 45 mins after a wee overrun in the morning session).
No - really enjoyed it.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Courses on offer are excellent. More of the same.
Can’t think of any - many thanks for such a varied course.
Recognised training for Classroom Assistants.
More discussive training - opportunity to share experiences.

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