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Working with children with Cytomegalovirus, Auditory Neuropath Spectrum Disorders or Autistic Spectrum disorders

Presented on Monday 2 November 2009

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How will you use what you have learned today?
Take what I have learned back to disseminate to other members of our service. (5)
Make me re-think some of the support I give, and also to advise investigation into the possibility that one child I support may be on the autistic spectrum.
Use pointers for ASD to help support the family of one particular child who is suspected of having ASD as well as hearing loss.
Helpful in the sense of understanding a child I work with making sense of the situation.
Lots of very useful information which I shall use when interacting with families.
Use knowledge to help plan for pupils.
Check medical info available on pupils to see if any may have CMV.
Able to explain more clearly to parents the problems the child encounters and how to support them.
I will give more consideration to uses of strategies when teaching an ASD pupil.
To monitor the progress of a child who has been diagnosed with ANSD and who has recently been implanted.
Daily practice.
Be more aware of how these disorders present themselves.
Made me much more aware of the difficulties these children have and how they may impact on their learning and education. I have a particular interest in Auditory Neuropathy as I teach a child who has just started school and is struggling to cope in a mainstream environment. Perhaps this is not the most suitable placement for her?
Reflect on children currently working with. Discussion with colleagues.
Knowledge will help me structure my teaching and learning opportunities for the pupils I work with. Also alerting me that there are other professionals out there who can help me.
Will put into practice when working with my deaf children.
It was all informative and has made me much more aware of CMV and its implications.
I now have much better knowledge which will help me to work with my CMV and AN pupils.
Knowledge and understanding of this group increased and general awareness raised.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Very clear and enthusiastic delivery.
Very clear and easy to follow, also feel that I have taken a lot on board. Good to hear about CMV - knew nothing about it until I came here.
ASD - most relevant to myself  Although other presentations were good.
Presentation skills. Ability of presenter to speak with clarity about a complicated topic.
Very interesting course - all content really interesting and useful.
All of the content and relevance to my job. Next steps.
All of it.
Balance of personal experience with facts. Implications for us as teachers.
Pitched as exactly right level for me.
All presentations contained useful information.
Deeper insight into the implications of the conditions outlined during the course.
Personal experience and found presenter very interesting especially with anecdotes etc.
Presenter is a very good communicator. All the information was useful.
Speaker was excellent. She was able to use her own experiences as a mother with children who have these disorders and as a professional working in deaf education.  Very interesting and easy to listen to.
Presentation on CMV. (2)
Range of topics offered - relationship/overlap between. Speaker's first-hand experience.
I was very interested in ANSD and CMV  It was delivered at my level - much of the information I sourced on the internet was above my level.
Enjoyed the talks on ASD and CMV the best.
All very good.
The whole course was excellent thanks - 3 for the price of one.
Amount of information and specialist knowledge being shared with other professionals.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
More time on each part. Examples, group discussions, practical examples.
Maybe more time, maybe over 2 days.
Could be done in Aberdeen!
Further - in-depth course.
More time on each of the areas but I know that today was about the three areas.
All very good, nothing to improve.
More time (as ever)!
A whole day on each aspect would be great to provide more in-depth information.

Any other comments regarding the course?
Best ever day course I have attended here. Time flew!
The most useful course I have attended - I learned so much!
Presenter is an excellent communicator - made info very interesting.
Fascinating, brought issues to the foreground which I hadn't thought of before.
One of the most interesting study days I've been to for a long time.
Very insightful course giving rise to more empathetic approach to working with our pupils.
Very interesting.
It would be useful to have more in-depth courses for each of the disorders, perhaps a half day for each.
Enjoyed very much.
Very interesting to hear personal view and experiences.
I'm also much more knowledgeable about Autism.
Very enjoyable and informative thanks.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Early Years.
Anything related to deaf education.
Live sign glossary.
Assessment resources/procedures.
More like this - sorry not more specific!

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