University of Edinburgh

Audiology Update

Presented on Thursday, 25 November 2010


Curriculum for Excellence presents new challenges for teachers and pupils. This can prove an even greater challenge for the deaf pupils. Traditionally teachers of the deaf have opted for a combination of teaching strategies, classroom management and technology to address the needs of the deaf student. Technology has generally focused on either a radio aid or soundfield system. With the advancement of hearing aid technology and assistive devices it seems prudent to place these changes in the context of the new curriculum. How have hearing aids, FM systems and soundfield changed and what does this mean for professionals and students alike? What are the challenges that the new curriculum presents and how can technology assist? How do we ensure that we are listening to the students, teachers and parents and modifying our approach accordingly? Is it time for a Scottish based student profile questionnaire/survey that allows professionals to work collaboratively to best meet the child's needs?

This day gave attenders a chance bring along audiological challenges and see if the presenters could help find possible solutions (but not the funding!)
Inclusion is a legal right and reasonable adjustments are providing the necessary technological equipment that supports this right.

Target Audience: Teachers, parents and all those working with deaf children and young people in schools.

Presenters: Carole Torrance, CPD Co-ordinator, SSC
Brian Shannan, Educational Audiologist, Fife Sensory Support Services
Richard Vaughan, Customer Support Manager, Connevans Ltd, Reigate
Tony Murphy, FM Manager, Phonak UK, Warrington
Dawn Lamerton, Acting Head of Department, Paediatric Audiologist, NHS Lothian