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Audiology Update

Presented on Thursday, 25 November 2010

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Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?
Share it with other teachers and services.
Feedback to others in our service. Help with my in-service training to mainstream staff. Challenge the acoustic environments. Look at questionnaires/questions in classroom.
Inform my work as a peri teacher. Help me understand issues re FM systems etc.
In my work with parents/deaf young people and my colleagues.
Classroom strategies using FM to help deaf pupils access Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Use listening inventories. Use (Phonak FM) Successware to change microphone setting on Easylink transmitter.
Add to my knowledge and campaign plans for NDCS Scotland.
To inform 'champions' team. For new build and the audiology has helped inform my practice.
Share with other staff - knowledge gained.
Apply ideas with HI children. Check acoustic environment of classes.
Review current practice in supporting the group of pupils I work with who have some degree of hearing impairment in addition to complex needs. Re-assess learning environments taking acoustics and positioning of pupils into account.
Use and pass on information to colleagues.
When supplying and maintaining equipment. When giving advice to teachers.
In very practical ways. Has given me ideas to use every day.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?
Question & Answer (Q&A) sessions. Very interactive and interesting.
In-depth Audiology update from Brian Shannan.
Difficult to say, today was all very relevant.
Information about cochlear/brain. Cochlear Implants & signing. Yes or No?
The Assessing and Maximising Audition in classroom.
All the new information was very interesting and very well-presented.
Hearing info/experiences from others. Brian's explanations.
Meeting other teachers. Learning from experienced professionals.
Presentation by Brian was extremely informative and flagged up many factors which should be carefully considered regarding listening, learning and school environments.
Problem solving/helpful solutions. Great to hear colleague’s issues.
Discussion of audiological issues.
So much expertise at one event. Well-presented information. Opportunities to network.
We set our own agenda for some of the day.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?
Maybe more involvement during presentations.
Would like more of this type of information.
More examples of scenarios how teachers have managed noise in active learning situations. A lot assumed in terms of Audiology.
It was a bit rushed at some points - so maybe could run it over 2 days.
The room used for the course does not have great acoustics. I found it difficult to hear some of the dialogue and welcomed the addition of a microphone and speaker during the Q&A session.
Answers/solutions to be written up and posted on internet.
Ensure the use of the microphone and speaker throughout the day. Consider the seating arrangements for acoustics.
Sharp start.

Any other comments regarding the course?
Excellent - great to have people with such expertise. Great course - many thanks!
Presenters, in particular Brian, were excellent. Learned a lot of new/useful information.
Great lunch too!
It's always great to come back to the SSC; to meet up with colleagues and network. Nice to meet some new faces too. The course is informal (yet informative) and gives us time to mingle which we all appreciate.
This is an essential aspect of our work, we must as Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) be up-to-date in our working knowledge.
Thank you for a very interesting and informative day!

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Course Leaflet Mailshot. (3)
Co-ordinator/Line Manager. (1)
SSC Newsletter. (3)
SSC Website. (1)

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?
Cochlear Implants - updates.
Update on genetics and deafness.
Cochlear Implants and FM - FM CHIP (Brian’'s version)
Cochlear Impants and signing.
Deafness and Autism - Communication approaches?
More training days like this for pupils.
Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and Intensifying Support Programme (ISP) target setting.
Multi agency working.
ICT and learning for deaf children.
Any studies being carried out on noise intolerance?
More consideration given to pupils with more complex needs - the January course sounds interesting.
More Audiology updates.
CfE and HI pupil.
‘Hands on’ practical experience with all the difference types of aids, radio aids, Soundfields etc.
Trouble shooting etc.

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your professional values and personal commitment


your professional knowledge and understanding


your professional and personal attributes