University of Edinburgh

Audiology Update

Presented on Thursday, 25 November 2010

Issues raised

Issues raised by the delegates and discussed by the presenters Brian Shannan, Tony Murphy and Jeremy Hine.

  • Issues with poor acoustics
  • Active Learning
  • Should you use FM with CI
  • Best setting on hearing aid MM/FM + M
  • How do you select the correct FM system?
  • Benefit of NIDS over DANLOGIC
  • How to change microphone settings on EASYLINK
  • Provision of Educational Audiologists
  • I SENSE, EDULINK & personal FM - what’s the difference?
  • How to control the volume on soundfield/FM when there is a loud teacher

These topics were well aired and brought up other incidental matters too. If your service does not have an Educational Audiologist these SSC Audiology Updates can help you deliver a better service for the deaf pupils in your authority.