University of Edinburgh

Early Years Focus in Deaf Education

Presented on Friday 9 November, 2012


It is during our very earliest years and even pre-birth that a large part of the pattern for our future adult life is set. The early years therefore are a crucial developmental stage for deaf children.

Early years support for families involves empowering the family to support their deaf child. As joint members of the Early Years team with family, health, social services, audiology and the voluntary sector we strive to create a supportive environment in order to maximise positive experiences for the deaf child both at home and as they make the transition to school. In line with Government initiatives in the area of early years education the day gave an overview of the Scottish Standards for Deaf Children 0-3: Families and professionals working together to improve services and how to apply the audit tool to evaluate services to families. We discussed ways in which these standards can raise standards in early intervention with deaf children nationally.

There was a workshop session on the newly released SSC DVD Positive Play for Every Day followed by a presentation on the NDCS project Your Child, Your Choices which included looking at partnership working, models of support and delivery and challenges for the future.

Target Audience: Teachers of the deaf, mainstream teachers, social workers, speech and language therapists, paediatric and educational audiologists, educational psychologists and families, supporting deaf children in the early years.

Presenters: Margaret Miller, SSC CPD Organiser in Deaf Education
Brian Shannan, Educational Audiologist, Fife Sensory Support Service
Kim Davidson Kelly, Speech & Language Therapist, Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow
Rachel O'Neill, Lecturer in Deaf Education, University of Edinburgh
James Bowell, Head of Projects, NDCS, London