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SSC Course 9: Early Years Focus in Deaf Education

Presented on Friday 9 November 2012

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Share what I've learnt today with colleagues who also have responsibilities for co-ordinating 0-3 support/agencies for children with additional support needs (ASN). Share DVD and Standards with peers and colleagues.
To look at Standards.
I will use many of the ideas/techniques in working with 0-3 children. Will feed back info to colleagues re Standards and develop with Authority hopefully.
Return to share with team. (4)
Introduce DVD into family support. Contact NDCS re courses for parents.
Share course content with colleagues and consider how we can support families with deaf children - promote play and language development.
To support my work with families and promote play and language with parents and their children. Use the materials from level 2 (DfES, 2006)
Will use the Play DVD to support families I visit.
Take all info back to school and disseminate to staff Early Years is a focus in our development plan. I'm new in this job and have recently started home visits to young children. This info will be very useful.
It gave me some new ideas and perspective, both regarding HI and Early Years, two groups I need to learn more about.
As a springboard for further reading. Will obtain recommended resources. In assessments/resources re HI children/young people.
Will use info from today when reflecting on how I interact with parents and the provision made for them within our Authority.
Adapt practice following new ideas.
I have only recently taken on HI remit so very useful info provided. Inform practice when working with parents and colleagues at a consultation and advisory level.
Feedback to Early Years team and Educational Psychology team.
Professional skills and knowledge to consolidate area of work within Early Years.
Share with staff and joint agencies I work with.
Will feedback to staff and colleagues - looking at use of Standards with Renfrewshire?
Will use when working with parents and nursery staff and for training service staff.
It has broadened my understanding in this area as it's a new specialism for me. I particularly enjoyed Rachel's presentation.
Raise awareness amongst SfL department staff, classroom assistants. Get copies of documents into department resources.

How would you rate the following: Excellent = 1; Poor = 5

Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Listening to other people working in different Authorities and from different disciplines.
Networking. Lots of practical suggestions. Good to hear people setting the bar high with record of attainment. Availability of Audiologist and Speech & Language Therapist. Discussion re sensory review.
Information re NDCS: Your Child Your Choices.
DVD clips helped to bring to life the advice given. (3)
Monitoring protocol and practical examples of how to support language development through play/activities. How to support parents with this.
Practical ideas and advice how to work with parents of deaf children - information about using what the parents already have at home without expense. The video will be really helpful to use with parents at home.
Variety of topics.
Rachel's presentation. Plenary session. SSC 0-3 document.
Great DVD clips to explain examples given.
Practical tips from experienced practitioners. DVD will be very useful for professionals and parents.
Info given for practice - useful strategies.
Presenters' enthusiasm for the subject of Early Years and sharing best practice.
Could take information and ideas from all presentations.
Enjoyed all the presentations.
Being able to talk and listen about current issues around the Standards. Enjoyed seeing the video clips.
The content of the presentations and presentation style were relevant and very informative. I thought the DVD examples were excellent and have given me plenty ideas as how to support parents to facilitate language development. Really liked the monitoring and play handouts.
Speakers' first-hand experience from respective fields of work. Speakers able to answer specific questions posed from audience.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Just do one thing in-depth (it's my age!)
NDCS presenter could have been more available to answer questions/discuss with.
Plenary became repetitive: should be shortened and more focused.
A lot of time spent sitting quietly/not interacting, especially when some questions were asked that I didn't quite understand which had long answers! A bit more audience activity would have been good.
Sound system turned up please. Not easy to hear due to high ceilings and large windows. (Plenary session - no sound system was used. It was difficult to hear at other side of room).
Overheads would have been good but appreciate not always possible in hard copy.
Handouts at the time for notes to be made.
Longer presentation from Brian about the Standards as we could have had a much greater discussion about it.
There wasn't any water available and no coffee break so the first drink I had was at 1pm. The structure of the day could be clearer (sorry, sounds a bit moany!)
Pace felt a little rushed (due to 'late' ish start).

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