University of Edinburgh

Subject Workshop for Teachers of Deaf Children - English Language

Tuesday 4 October 2005


Have you ever felt demoralised, frustrated? Have you ever felt that you are "swimming through mud" in terms of deaf friendly resources for the teaching of English? This workshop on how busy practitioners cope with producing engaging and instructive materials will be essential for you (particularly the presentation on idioms!). This course will:

  • give current practitioners the opportunity to share ideas for teaching and learning;
  • provide ideas for adapting curricula and resources;
  • discuss the development of new resources in English and BSL.
Workshops will be held with the aim of stimulating further development with purely practical outcomes. The workshops will include discussion on:
  • a bilingual approach to the teaching of English grammar;
  • a look at how 5-14 and SQA materials can be adapted to suit the needs of deaf children;
  • ICT support for the English curriculum.
  • Making reading relevant, visual and enjoyable
  • A bilingual approach to the teaching of English grammar
  • Supporting the development of reading and writing skills at secondary level

You are invited to bring along any home-made resources that you find successful to 'swap' with other practitioners. This is an ideal opportunity for Teachers of the Deaf involved in the teaching of English to broaden their resource base and to share successful teaching strategies

Presenters: Anne Bain, Donaldson's College for the Deaf;
Tommy Donnelly, St Roch's Hearing Impairment Unit;
Mary Dowell, St Vincent's School for the Deaf;
Eileen Burns, NDCS;
Lys Thomson, Donaldson’s College for the Deaf;


10.20 Introduction