University of Edinburgh

Subject Workshop for Teachers of Deaf Children - English Language

Presented in October 2005

Course Evaluation Summary

Name of Course/Event: SSC Course 4: Subject Workshop for Teachers of Deaf Children - English Language: Tuesday, 4th October, 2005
Number of Participants: 16 Number of Respondents: 16

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5
Enhancement to your expertise 1.44
Content and supplementary material 1.19

How will you use what you have learned today?

  • Pass on to colleagues/service in general terms and some specifics of materials.
  • Would be willing to be part of a working group if asked. Could contribute something if you are composing an informal anthology of deaf people.
  • Putting as much as possible into practice.
  • Read materials and discuss with other members of staff; use materials and adapt for pupils I teach.
  • Use materials and hopefully maintain contacts and development.
  • Practical information, which I will put to use when I get back to school.
  • ound something of use from each presenter - all very practical and useful.
  • Inform my teaching and planning for the future.
  • Not only use the resources practically but also contacts with other teachers.
  • Ideas for resources to supplement my existing schemes of work.
  • Own background reading/learning. Adapt materials for own class use where possible.
  • Good info about resources.
  • Contacts of other teachers for more information. New resources to try. Examples of good practice.

How would you rate the following: EXCELLENT = 1 POOR = 5
Clarity of presentation 1.25
Pacing of course/event 1.13

What was best about the course/event?

  • Interaction with teachers working in the same type of work as me. Gave ideas for possible future development of interaction, eg, visiting Deaf Studies Dept at Donaldson’s, shadowing similar teachers.
  • Enjoyed all presentations, felt were all relevant and interesting.
  • Opportunity to learn about practice across various LEAs and opportunities to meet others with similar interests, particularly in relation to deafness and dyslexia.
  • Sharing ideas.
  • Being able to access resources and differentiated materials for classroom use.
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources.
  • The fact that practitioners delivered.
  • Every aspect of the day was of great interest and has really filled me with encouragement.
  • Freedom to not only utilise the presenters’ resources/expertise but encouragement to network with other teachers on the course.
  • All presentations were equally relevant and useful.
  • My preference was sharing coursework and hearing about resources. Finding out what others do/realising it’s not just me/our school!
  • Info about resources.
  • Sharing of resources. Real practitioners talking about what works for them.
  • Meeting other colleagues for ideas swapping.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

  • I had hoped for more at Primary level but several presentations related to Primary as well as Secondary.
  • More time to discuss with other course members informally materials and methods they use in their own schools/services.
  • Fine, how about a similar thing for different subjects, eg, maths, social subjects, etc.
  • Everything very satisfactory. Thank you!
  • Nothing.
  • Longer!
  • One difficulty was reading slides in last morning presentation on literacy – even on sheet. I find some of them tricky.
  • More focus on working in mainstream setting.
  • Maybe a list of resources, websites, council address, etc, for contacting.

Any other comments regarding the course?

  • Thank you, Mary. Well done!
  • I would be very grateful for some of the material to be sent on by email.
  • Hope that it leads to future developments/working party?
  • Any future courses like this would be beneficial.
  • Excellent idea about working party and sharing of resources. It would be good to have resources on a website!
  • Would like to be involved with the networking in the future, although not sure if I would manage this year.
  • All presenters, although very different, with different expertise/experiences, offered quality resources/experiences/teaching/expanding knowledge/ querying boundaries . . . etc.
  • Very helpful and encouraging.

Location and Venue

Convenient location for this course: No Response 6 Yes 10 No 0

Convenience of venue 1.33
Quality of venue 1.21

Likely to attend if venue was used again: No Response 3 Likely 13 Less Likely 0

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

  • More workshops sharing expertise in various subjects.
  • Raising the self-esteem of hearing impaired pupils.
  • Unsure, it would be good to find out what has been covered in the past and if these ideas/issues will be covered again.
  • More of the same quality and diversity.
  • I would be interested in joining a working party.
  • Would really have appreciated the workshop on reading that had to be cancelled.
  • Any work on improving teaching English for deaf pupils!
  • Same again for other curricular areas. Teaching profoundly deaf pupils to read.
  • Extra signing instruction.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:
your professional values and personal commitment 1.46
your professional knowledge and understanding 1.54
your professional and personal attributes 1.69