University of Edinburgh

Improving Learning Environments using NDCS Acoustics Toolkit

Course postponed


In December 2007 NDCS Scotland launched their Acoustics Toolkit at the Scottish Sensory Centre. The toolkit was devised in response to professionals working with deaf children requesting knowledge on how to create a better learning environment to improve the attainment of not only deaf pupils but all pupils. The toolkit provides useful step-by-step information on how to  assess and improve the acoustic environment of learning spaces.

This course will provide information on how to make use of the toolkit from the professionals involved in its production. The day will also provide opportunities to benefit from practical activities using the toolkit.

Target Audience: this course is particularly relevant to anyone who has responsibility for, or is involved in adapting learning environments to improve listening conditions.

Presenter: Peter Grayson, Educational Audiologist, Sheffield and
Richard Vaughan, Connevans