University of Edinburgh

Assessing and Monitoring the Writing Development of Deaf Learners

Presented on Tuesday 28 October 2008


This course introduced attenders to a writing assessment tool developed by Dr Connie Mayer from York University, Canada. During the day they learned how to analyse features in their pupils' writing so that they could build up a profile of their skills and see the progress they are making. Participants were be asked to bring a few samples of deaf pupils' writing with them to be used to practise with - pupils with any level of hearing loss but best of all those who had been deaf from a young age or birth. This was unaided work where possible, not second drafts to give the group a better idea of grammar, vocabulary and text organisation.

It is hoped that this course group will keep in touch by email and discussion board after this introductory day and we hope in 2008-09 Connie will join us again to discuss our progress with using the writing assessment tool.

After this course attenders will be better able to monitor the writing development of deaf pupils. The Writing Development course complements two SSC courses from last year: Connie Mayer's 'Developing writing programmes for deaf/hard of hearing learners' and the STASS course - in that you will be able to look in detail at how pupils are getting on with their language development and set targets or plan specific areas where they need to improve.

Presenter: Rachel O'Neill, Lecturer in Deaf Education, Educational Studies Department, University of Edinburgh and SSC