University of Edinburgh

Secondary Focus Day in Deaf Education

Presented on Monday 22nd October, 2012

Supporting Deaf Learners in Secondary schools

Ellen Barklie, Visiting Teacher of the Hearing Impaired, Midlothian

Midlothian Hearing Impaired Service

The Service

Midlothian, population approx. 80,0000

  • 2 Teachers of the Deaf
    1 full-time
    1 four days a week

  • Educational Audiologist
    Retirement imminent, not to be replaced

  • 37 Pupils
    9 pre-school (including 3 profoundly Deaf BSL users from Deaf families)
    11 primary
    11 secondary
    6 specialist provision (needs additional to hearing impairment)

Support in Secondary Schools

  • Transition planning from P7
    Enhanced transition programmes

  • In-Service Training
    Offered to all schools

  • Individualised Advice Sheets
    One page of A4 - more likely to be read!

  • In-class support
    Heavy commitment in the past
    Currently no student receiving regular in class support from us
    Purely based on individual needs and under regular assessment

  • Tutorials
    Can be hugely beneficial but not in a vacuum
    Rely on good quality contact with teachers
    Must be flexible to avoid pupils missing out on class content

But then the age-old dilemma ... how do you pin them down?

  • Learning support departments
  • Questionnaires
  • Flexible appointment times both with and without pupil

It’s more than just schoolwork...

  • Regular activities for secondary pupils across Lothian
    Secondary planning group
    Bowling, rock climbing, animation

  • Look, Smile, Chat (fingers crossed)

Moving on

  • Reinstating the Future Needs Review
  • Guidance and Careers
  • Good links
  • Taking the help that's offered
    Action on Hearing Loss


But I still have a lot of questions...