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Including deaf children in mainstream schools

Presented on Thursday 14 September 2006

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Enhancement to your expertise


Content and supplementary material


How will you use what you have learned today?

Share information and discuss with teacher of the deaf and other staff who work with the deaf child in the class.
Practical strategies for the lesson - good advice.
Inform HT and CT working with hearing impaired child and look at our practice to ensure that our practice is best for his needs.
Use as information for awareness training.
I have more awareness of problems encountered every day by deaf pupils.
Awareness of the issues for pupils will be helpful to feedback to staff at SQA especially when considering Signed Responses and Assessment Arrangements for exams/exam language.
By reporting back to my colleagues. Using the ideas/suggestions in the classroom.
Good background to future work with HI pupils. Useful approaches to take away and inform teaching.
I will go back and liaise more with the School for the Deaf to try and form a better, clearer partnership.
Being more aware of how deaf children feel about certain aspects of their education.
Strategies to use in the classroom.
Share good practice with other teachers in mainstream. Good reminders for all classes.
I was very familiar with most of the material today and unfortunately don’t feel that I learned too much today.
Reminder of practices to avoid in class teaching; essay writing; if working with mainstream teachers in future.
Reinforce good classroom practice.
Confirmed and explored issues which I was aware of.
Take back ideas to implement in our own authority.
Very useful background, information and ideas to use in class. Information to be passed to other members of staff.
I will use the strategies discussed/advised when teaching a deaf child in my class.
Go back to school and discuss issues that have arisen. Pass on ideas from other authorities.
Information learned today will be shared with my Support for Learning department who are in the early stages of preparing for 2 profoundly deaf children who are arriving at our secondary in a couple of years. I was the lucky one to come to this course - we as a department have much to put in place.
Incorporate it into course content looking at specific resource supporting learning and teaching.
I will try to ensure that I use the advice given to make learning more enjoyable/easier for the deaf child in my class.
Prepare a sheet for line manager of key learning points and action points from today.
I will use a lot of the information passed on by Jill. It was so useful to hear from her and helps to try to appreciate the deaf child’s feelings/situation. Also Eileen’s information was very useful for classroom.
With my deafblind pupil [I am VI teacher].
Go back and ‘cascade’ to team. Reawaken my own ideas of being a Teacher for the Deaf.

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Clarity of presentation


Pacing of course/event


What was best about the course/event?

Spread of information balance was right. Information on access to web page and booklist to further knowledge.
Eileen Burns - Practical Strategies for Inclusion; Excellent presentation. Deaf insights from Jill and Debra - great.
“Can we meet the needs”. Listening to Debra and Jill’s experiences from school.
Presentation from Jill and Debra - excellent perspective from deaf ‘girls’. DVD for PSE class - ideal resource.
Presentation from deaf pupil who attended a mainstream school, giving hints and advice.
Speaking with colleagues/hearing the different presentations.
Hearing past pupils and their experiences. Networking and chatting to others working in field.
Found the comments from the former pupils enlightening.
Meeting with and listening to the deaf adults’ presentation was just a fantastic insight into how children may be feeling, and what we can do to help.
Inclusion from a deaf perspective. This was enlightening and gave food for thought.
Two sessions: Eileen’s - videos very effective; deaf students - firsthand experience very valuable.
Examples of classroom situations in videos. Meeting with ladies giving the deaf perspective especially interesting. Chatting with fellow teacher and learning about great variety of situations.
Enthusiasm and commitment of all involved.
Jill Dunlop - experience of mainstream education. Debra - Deaf Action - her experience. Eileen Burns - very enthusiastic and informative.
Meeting other colleagues with similar/different roles and discussion and deaf speakers.
Meeting, discussing with other teachers involved in Deaf Education.
The presentations by Jill and Debra - the other side of the fence. The opportunity as ToD to share experiences.
Each session, where discussion between other ToD took place.
The practical advice on teaching of hearing impaired children. Meeting former pupils with personal experience of mainstream education.
Jill and Debra sharing their experiences of being deaf and strategies they find helpful. The good practical advice given.
All contributions were equal, found Jill’s contribution very interesting.
Comparison with other services very useful. Great to have deaf experiences from deaf adults.
All presentations were excellent. Presenters themselves were great as was the use of ICT, video, etc. I particularly appreciated/enjoyed the session by Jill and Debra.
Hearing the experiences of Jill and Debra.(2)
Presentations by Eileen Burns, Jill Dunlop, Anne Cowgill [new materials, new ideas].  Interaction with other ToDs.
Actual practical advice that can enhance classroom practice, rather than hearing about provision in other regions/areas of the country.
Being able to talk to a young hearing impaired ex-pupil of mainstream.
All parts were relevant.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

Specifying who the course is aimed for.
I felt the talk about Ayrshire Council wasn’t as relevant as it was more about what they do, which could be different elsewhere. It was interesting however.
Understanding Inclusion of Deaf within wider changing notion of Inclusion (eg, perhaps input from someone like Gavin Reid of Edinburgh University who’s written widely on Inclusion).
Only include information about what can be used within the classroom, or that is relevant to having a deaf child in your class.
More emphasis on the work of the ToD in a mainstream Resource Base - I felt it was much more focused on peripatetic ToD. (2)

Any other comments regarding the course?

Very interesting and informative.
Possibly more of the same.
Thought provoking and making awareness to hearing impaired child’s needs and what we can do to help in the classroom.
More feedback from deaf individuals!
Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - thank you.
Excellent course.  Well organised and delivered. Well pitched for a person like myself who is new to the field.
Listening to other teachers of the deaf and their experiences. Afternoon sessions were excellent.
Very much appreciated. Most enjoyable.
Further opportunities as peripatetic staff to compare notes.
Misleading content section of the prospectus.
Very much increased my knowledge of people with hearing problems.
Usual high standard of presenters and thought provoking issues.
The time at the start of the day and the long lunch was a really useful time to network/share experiences and learn from colleagues.
Strategies did not incorporate how ICT could be used - although time restrictions may have precluded this.
Very useful. Thank you!
It was good to hear about the new website possibility.
The course has supplemented the knowledge I already have of HI.
Very important that relevant course such as this is provided regularly.

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What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

More knowledge of resource provision - books, video - are these available on a web page to view/order?
Teaching English as a foreign language instruction.
Deaf Awareness to help with communicating with deaf teachers.
Motivating deaf children.(2)
Resources for mainstream teachers to aid HI pupils.
Integrating with Deaf Adults.
Assessment for pre-school deaf children.
Raising awareness of deaf issues.
Personally I’m at early stages in working with children who are hearing impaired and I think a similar follow up day tackling various issues surrounding this area would be great!!
I could perhaps offer something as I spent a couple of weeks this summer in a School for Deaf in Tanzania - have a report, slides etc.  Not sure if CPD is the right heading for this, but it was supported by DEIEP and passing on the information is part of the on-going commitment.

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