University of Edinburgh

Psychosocial Issues for Deaf Teenagers

Presented on Wednesday, 15 September 2010


The teenage years can be fraught times for all young people but very often deaf teenagers struggle more than their hearing peers. There are issues about their deafness and spoken communication, misreading relationships and so much more. There are things that can help to make communication easier when dealing with social communication situations for a deaf teenager such as people slowing down, facing them, speaking clearly, reducing background noise etc.

However, many people don't know or remember what can help and many teenagers find it difficult to ask, even from their family and friends. This day described a practical approach to working with teenagers to help them recognise which situations pose a communication problem and practise ways of using clear communication to manage these situations more successfully.

Although Clare works for Cochlear UK this information is equally applicable to all deaf teenagers who use spoken English as their main language.

Presenters: Clare Sheridan, Senior Clinical Specialist with Cochlear UK
Carole Torrance, SSC


10.20 am Introduction to the day, Carole Torrance