University of Edinburgh

Supporting Deaf Pupils in Secondary Schools

Presented on Wednesday 28 September, 2011

Kirsty Steele
Teacher of the Deaf
Calderside Academy

Supporting Deaf Pupils in Secondary Schools English

Calderside Academy

  • Previously Earnock High School, merged in 2007.
  • 7 pupils – S1, S4, S6
  • Use BSL to communicate
  • Digital hearing aids, cochlear implants
  • 7 members of staff
  • Access all areas of the curriculum
  • Full time support from TOD in all classes

Deaf Education: Implementation of Curriculum for Excellence

curriculum for excellence

Successful Learners

  • Involved in active learning
  • Learning purposes are shared
  • Adapt teaching/learning approaches in classroom
  • Differentiate materials
  • Consilidation of classwork in Base
  • Check pupils understand teaching points
  • Gathering of information at transition points
  • Take time to hear pupils' contributions
  • Staff try to communicate in various ways
  • Use of IT/visual approaches
  • Pupils access full range of learning opportunities
  • ASPs/Target setting IEPs
  • Pupil-centred teaching
  • Pre/post tutoring

Responsible Citizens

  • Follow all school policies including PPB
  • Involvement in House charity events
  • Involved in Pupil council/clubs/class reps
  • Responsibility for collecting/returning paper
  • Representing school at in-house events
  • Representing school at outside events
  • Involvement in NDCS/Deaf Youth club/Drama workshops

Confident individuals

  • Pupils involved in all school activities
  • Communicate with hearing peers
  • Involved in Pupil Council
  • Building trusting/friendly relationships
  • Sharing of values
  • Visits/contact with deaf adults
  • Weekly 'Points' meetings
  • Distribution of information on deaf events

Effective Contributors

  • Pupils receive appropriate support
  • Pupils communicate own ideas
  • All information in classes signed
  • Class teachers involved in teaching/learning and take responsibility for all pupils' learning
  • Open door policy for parents
  • Videos/DVDs subtitled/printed notes provided
  • Discussion at Base times
  • Key workers - discuss targets

Standard Grade English

Supporting pupils through studying 'Across the Barricades' by Joan Lingard.


1 Liaison with Mainstream teacher.

2 Looking at pupil ability/difficulty/needs and how we can best support them.

Display work.

Additional Language resources

Department of Deaf Education - Handbook


  • To create a secure learning environment which gives deaf pupils equal learning opportunities.
  • To provide integration into mainstream classes.
  • To make the deaf pupils aware of the opportunities available to them.