University of Edinburgh

Moving on from School: challenges for deaf pupils, their families and professionals

Presented on Wednesday 28 September 2005


"(the school) always organise everything for me, but now I have to do it by myself and that's a big jump."
16 year-old school leaver
(NDCSA [2001] My school in Scotland, p 25

Leaving school is a big enough jump for any pupil but for deaf pupils, there are added challenges. For example, a young deaf person will often have to face taking responsibility for managing their own access arrangements for the first time. How easy is it for specialist professionals to ensure that deaf pupils have the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to access fully the opportunities that are available? How significant are the social aspects of moving on to a new environment?

The course brought together parents, professionals and young deaf people themselves to explore key aspects of this major time of transition. Limitations and opportunities built into the school environment were explored, as well as the roles of key professionals such as teachers of deaf pupils and careers advisors.

Presenters: Marian Grimes, Consultant in Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Scottish Sensory Centre;
Cathy Howieson, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Education and Society, University of Edinburgh;
Claire Guthrie, Lecturer Extended Learning Support, Glasgow Metropolitan College.