University of Edinburgh

Moving on from School: challenges for deaf pupils, their families and professionals

Presented on Wednesday 28 September 2005

From discussion small discussion groups flipcharts

Support on leaving school/provision of access services

  • General concerns about existence/level of appropriate support
  • Gap between school and college/employment services
  • Quality of support is very important
  • Why are access services (BSL/English interpreters/notetakers/lipspeakers, etc) not accepted as the norm in schools? (political? financial?)
  • Below-16 educational system influences future education of child (ie signing/oral). Does this depend on political fashion - or where you live?
  • There needs to be a co-ordinated approach to information.
  • Standardisation is needed
  • Importance of Careers Officer and Careers Scotland website

Work experience placements

  • Placements are important
  • 1 week not enough – need to be continual
  • Placements can also build up confidence of employers – may make a difference to the possibility of future employment
  • More involvement in Saturday jobs, etc – improve confidence

In FE/HE institutions

  • Need more funding to train people in FE and HE
  • CNeed for more preparations by colleges for students with additional needs.


  • Need for more days like today
  • Exchange of info needed!