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Moving on from School: challenges for deaf pupils, their families and professionals

Presented on Wednesday 28 September 2005

Course evaluation

Name of Course/Event: SSC Course 3: Moving on from School: challenges for deaf pupils, their families and professionals: Wednesday, 28th September, 2005

Number of Participants: 29 Number of Respondents: 21

Overall Assessment:

How would you rate the following:
Enhancement to your expertise 2.10
Content and supplementary material 1.81

How will you use what you have learned today?

  • Pass info to other members of staff.
  • Feel better informed.
  • Discuss with staff and pupils.
  • Better knowledge and understanding of needs of deaf young people.
  • Pass on to appropriate education colleagues the benefits of today. Suggest it as a topic for parents’ evening. Ask SSC to put on a similar type of course for senior pupils!
  • With my deaf leavers.
  • Share with my colleagues at college to help our students.
  • To understand parents views. To support students better.
  • I will use it as a starting point to update information held by my service.
  • I will endeavour to find out more info from Careers Scotland and FE Colleges re appropriate advice for young deaf people and those who work with them.
  • Personal accounts of school leavers will help advise current school leavers. More knowledge of what might be of help for them.
  • To focus on disseminating information about access services to prospective students and teaching staff.
  • It has made me more aware of the problems faced and has encouraged me to research solutions at an early stage.
  • More aware of organisation required for pupils before entering college.
  • Take things back to other parents.
  • Re leaving school June 06, need to make a start on preparation now.
  • Interesting background information of what students experience before coming to college. Also hearing from Claire from Metropolitan College and seeing how they structure their support and how compares to our college.
  • Realise that there are common problems across sectors/roles.
  • I will pass on information gleaned to my S6 pupils.

How would you rate the following:
Clarity of presentation 1.57
Pacing of course/event 1.62

What was best about the course/event?

  • Attention to different communication needs.
  • Listening to former pupils’ experience.
  • Deaf young people taking part.
  • Input from deaf students + FE tutor in pm. Good networking.
  • Time to discuss topic with other professionals and exchange info.
  • Hearing what Jill, Maurice and Nathan had to say. Also I enjoyed reading the notes on the projectors. It was cool!
  • Hearing that others have same or similar problems as our own students.
  • Hearing from students about their personal experience of transitions.
  • The morning speakers.
  • Meeting with professionals, young people, parents from other areas and hearing their experiences.
  • Meeting colleagues from other professions who can add to your knowledge.
  • Hearing about students’ experiences.
  • The students experiences - this always hits home!
  • Interviews with former pupils.
  • It was very informative as I was unclear of any educational resources available to HI students. Very interesting resources available from colleges.
  • Take things back to other parents.
  • Meeting and talking with other parents/ToDs and learning from them.
  • Hearing students’ own experiences of the transition period.
  • Student experiences.
  • The information from the deaf students. It was very useful hearing first hand the problems faced in transition.

What, if anything, could have been improved about the course?

  • More of the same!!
  • Everything was well presented.
  • Short breaks/move about more. Smaller groups discussions would be better.
  • Speakers from more colleges, careers offices, other organisations with specific information.
  • More info about moving into work place.
  • More groups discussions.
  • Some group tasks - in 2s + 3s.
  • Looking at employment issues and transitional planning.
  • More discussion about employment straight from school.
  • No improvements needed.

Any other comments regarding the course?

  • A very informative day! A good mix of ‘audience’. Good to see electronic notetakers in action.
  • This should be a regular course.
  • It was good! I didn’t realise that there were notetakers and lipspeakers available for non-signers in colleges and universities.
  • It was enjoyable and we need more of these meetings.
  • Very good opportunity to listen and learn to a different perspective.
  • Follow up course would be helpful and a day for pupils to meet older deaf students.
  • More similar events please!
  • Really interesting to hear from such a range of professionals and individuals.
  • Made a lot of good contacts and heard a lot of good advice from course and attendees.
  • Very helpful and good content and friendly staff.
  • One for deaf children themselves would be good idea.
  • Interesting and informative.
  • The course was excellent. Would have liked perhaps information about student funding, etc, but I know I can access that info.

Location and Venue

Convenient location for this course:
Convenience of venue 1.66
Quality of venue 1.71

Likely to attend if venue was used again:
No Response 2 Likely 19 Less Likely 0

What other CPD training would you like the SSC to provide?

  • Managing deaf BSL users in employment.
  • See above re pupils’ course using deaf student experiences.
  • More of this using deaf student role models.
  • Similar but facilitated more toward smaller groups discussion.
  • Inclusion strategies for deaf into local High Schools and Colleges.
  • Refresher BSL.
  • Using multimedia for producing deaf-friendly learning resources.
  • Technology Updates.
  • Further updates on transitions.
  • Looking at mobility and independent living skills for HI children and issues around for them.
  • Accessing local resources particularly for those making the transition from residential placements to return to their own communities.
  • Could draw professionals together more often - share expertise/resources.

Outcomes Assessment

If you are a teacher, how would you rate this course in relation to the following "Chartered Teacher Standard" components:
your professional values and personal commitment 1.33
your professional knowledge and understanding 1.33
your professional and personal attributes 1.33