University of Edinburgh

Achievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland

Presented in February 2004

Family Survey

"We realise that this is going to be a difficult job for teachers to do, but we as parents would be only too happy to help - please use us to get the information"
Frances Dolan, parent of deaf children

  • Joint project with NDCS/local DCS groups
  • Content devised at joint meetings
  • Piloted at full day group session

Content of Questionnaire

  • Personal details
    (eg: disabilities, ethnicity, first language, etc)
  • Education
    (eg:diagnosis, views about placement, etc)
  • Family information
    (eg: income, family activities, etc)

Parent Volunteers

  • 23 volunteers across Scotland
  • Answer queries from parents re completing the questionnaires
  • Home visits to help if necessary
  • Chase up calls near deadline if possible

Packing and distributing

  • Approximately 2,000 questionnaire packs put together with the help of volunteers.
  • Distributed by deaf education services and schools.

What happens now?

Deadline for return - 16 February 2004
Entry into database
Sharing 'section 1' information with deaf education services where parents have given permission
Analysis of results
Dissemination of results