University of Edinburgh

Developing higher level thinking skills in deaf pupils/students

Presented in February 2000


Ownership - What is it? How important is it? Who should have it? How difficult is it to get or give up?

Motivation - where does it come from?

Questions - who should formulate them? Who should answer them?

Assessment - who should be responsible for it? Who is mainly interested in it, affected by it?

Ownership: Evaluating Activities

What does the pupil need to know to complete the activity?

Is there a right answer?

What level of thinking is involved?

What skills are th pupils acquiring?

How much deicision making is involved?

What is the level of the pupils' involvement?

How much independence do they have?

Where does the ownership for the learning lie - with the teacher or the pupil?

Once the assignment is completed, what will the teacher learn about the pupils' ability to communicate, to think, to manipulate language?