Signature Certificate in
Modifying Written English Texts for Deaf People

Unit K318: Accessible English for Deaf and Deafblind People

Signature Accredited course at SCQF 6 equivalent

You will learn:

  1. The key features of the English language;
  2. Reasons and techniques for making spoken English more accessible to deaf and deafblind people;
  3. Reasons and techniques for making written English more accessible to deaf and deafblind people.

How long is the course?

The learning activities for the K318 course take approximately 30 hours.

Before you apply you will need:

  1. Confidence with IT skills: keyboard skills and file handling;
  2. A good level of English. Higher English C or above or equivalent;
  3. Access to a computer with broadband and a printer.

Who are the other students?

The course has previously been taken by Teachers of Deaf Children and Communication Support Workers working in schools and colleges. The most successful modifiers usually have very good levels of English, a wide general knowledge and excellent IT skills.

What level is the course?

The course is at Level 6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. This is Level 3 on the Signature (formerly CACDP) framework which uses UK Further Education levels.

How does this course fit in with other Signature courses?

Signature have a suite of units designed to train support staff and teachers working in schools, colleges and in community settings with deaf and deafblind people. The L304 course is one of the units called Communicating Through English.

For further information see:

How long does the course last?

From April 2011 for 10 months.

What is the assessment on the course?

The course is assessed by an exam lasting an hour which will be held in Edinburgh on 15.10.10.

How will I learn online?

We use a virtual learning environment called WebCT. To find out more about WebCT look at this page:

There are regular activities to complete each week. Sometimes these are individual tasks which you email to the tutor. You may be asked to discuss an issue on the WebCT chat room or in Second Life with another student. Or you may be asked to contribute to a discussion which is available for all other students to see.

The first two weeks of the course are an induction period so that you learn how to use WebCT, post your profile and get to know the other students.

Is the course accessible to deaf people or people with disabilities?

Yes. All videos or sound files on WebCT have subtitles or a transcript. The tutorial activities take place using text, either in WebCT, Second Life or Oovoo. All students have the opportunity to discuss any adjustments which are needed including to the exam.

Do I need to buy any resources for the course?

We recommend 'How Language Works' by David Crystal, published by Penguin, approximately 10, which is useful for the course.

How do I apply?

Please fill in the form with this leaflet. We need details of your date of birth and home address for WebCT and Signature registration. If you have previously studied on a CACDP / Signature course you will already have a Candidate ID number, which is 8 characters long. Please use the same name as is on your previous CACDP / Signature certificate. Signature also request information about whether you have a sensory impairment and information on ethnicity, which is optional.

Please fill this form in carefully to avoid delays. Full invoice details are essential. Many local authorities have purchase orders which are needed to raise an invoice. If so, please attach the purchase order or the purchase order number.

For statistical purposes the SSC needs to report to the Scottish Government about the background of students coming onto courses. Please give as much information as possible, eg; whether you are from a mainstream school, resource based unit etc and the age range of deaf learners with whom you work. There is also space on the application form to give background information so that the course tutor can plan how to best meet your needs and give you appropriate support throughout the course.

Can I take the K318 and the T303 in one year?

No. We have found through running the course in previous years that candidates need to have passed the K318 first before starting the T303. There is one entrance point to the course each year in April.

What happens next?

We will send an acknowledgement that we have received your form. You will receive a decision from the course tutor within seven days. We will send you a Student Agreement form to sign and return. When your place is confirmed, an invoice will be raised by the SSC and sent to the person or service nominated on the application form. You will then receive the course handbook and details about how to access WebCT.